Beyond level 50?

will any extra levels be added?

I have only played one character on every borderlands gaame. Weird, yes, but its how i play.

Finally got my Fl4k to 50 and working on my guardian ranks now

Was wondering if there are any plans on adding extra levels or if i can go about farming legendaries now

Gearbox has not said a lot about DLC plans, other than to comment that there will likely not be any new playable characters added to the game. That said I can only assume the various DLCs will add more things to do, and new ways to advance, likely including a higher level cap of some sort, or some kind of “alternative advancement” system. Only time will actually tell.

new levels will most likely be added, as they have in borderlands 2 and it turned out to be a success.

Gearbox will almost certainly add an Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode and bump the level cap higher like they’ve done with past Borderlands games. This DLC will of course require you to purchase it unless you already have the Season Pass. 2 years from now it will be free, but when it first comes out they will milk you for it.