Beyond sick of spawn errors

I’ve decided to just not bother with the Slaughter arenas at all any more since more than half the time for me they become unable to complete because some enemy has either wound up way off-map or gotten stuck in a spawn container. They cant be seen or affected by any weapon or ability so the mission fails because youbhave no choice but to quit to the menu.

This has happened to me often enough on story missions (Ive finished TVHM with all 4 characters) where you have to clear an area to proceed which, albeit annoying, isnt a big deal since you just continue on after reloading. But it renders slaughter arenas pretty pointless when the glitch forces you to start over from scratch. I just had it happen 4 times in a row in the Cistern, each on different rounds and at different points on the map. Why even bother?


I keep a quasar with me at all times because of these issues. Sometimes you can yank enemies out of the walls with a well placed quasar. Sometimes.


I keep a Quasar around for this as well. The longbow version is the best in my experience since you can aim it precisely. Just stick it next to the spawn exit you want to pull the stuck enemy towards and it’ll usually do the trick.

I appreciate the spirit of clever use of gear and skills to deal with situations, but why should we have to compensate for GBs shoddy programming? This isnt a feature, its a glitch. If my cars brakes dont work I dont keep an anchor in the car to compensate, I want the product I paid for to work the way its supposed to.


No disagreement here. Between the myriad bugs and performance issues, Gearbox has badly dropped the ball on the technical side of the game. But with that said, acknowledging that it’s ultimately the devs’ responsibility to prevent or fix bugs like this shouldn’t keep players from doing what they can in the meantime to lessen the impact of those bugs.

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