Beyond the DLC and "Demo"

So, as we all know, if the Battle Plan is to be believed, we should have all the DLC that has been promised by the end of the year (somewhat doubtful that’ll be the case, but stranger things have happened). Not long after this, we can assume that this “demo version” the game will be released (still think it should go F2P tbh, even if it’ll be competing with Paladins).

But what then? What will happen to the game in terms of new content after that? Has there been any word if any new DLC will be released after the current batch, or are Gear Box going to leave this game to die a slow and sad death? If it’s the latter, then I will be honestly disappointed.

hate to say it but I cant see this game hanging on much longer
I know PC has taken a huge hit to its player population which wasn’t even that large of a pool to begin with. I play on PS4 and it was fine for a few months but I’m really starting to see a difference in lobby wait times trying to find players. This season of new games hasnt even come out yet either.
I think they’ll let it go f2p after a few months and let revenue from micro transactions carry the game a bit further but ultimately I give it a year or so. There’s no point in making new DLC if there is no money to be made there.
I do love this game and it was an ambitious venture for gearbox to go outside their norm as far as multiplayer aspects of the game go and I think they nailed it as far as characters and art style go. However, I dont think they released at an opportune time and they have been plagued by too many bugs causing them to focus on back end development much more than giving new options to players such as new outfits instead of just retextures and going into more of the lore behind characters. They have an entire universe with characters from each corner yet they have only scratched the surface of what stories they could have told.

Even ps4 has taken a large population hit. I can see it going f2p soon and let microtransactions carry the game for a year or so after that.
love the game but they have had to work on too much back end maintenance to focus on their audience

By the end of the winter.

Not yet, but at least regarding new heroes they mentioned it few times as possible. I think it’s still too early to announce plans on new content.


well, if it does come down to that, I hope they at least tweak the game so we can host games locally or a LAN option. Even if they can’t keep the game running themselves, a few remaining loyal fans will likely do it for them

Xbox store says all season pass content will be released by May 2017. But yeah battle plans have given a much quicker release time table.

Perhaps all the DLC content will revive Battleborn, so far the new op and PvP mode are doing pretty well.

Yep, the Aussie group is apparently getting to play against lots of new Rank 8s and I had one of my Destiny friends tell me they picked it up to play with their other half.


I’ve been queuing for the op quite a lot lately and have seen lots of CR20-30. Although playing with them isn’t always my best experience the fact that they’re out there is a good sign. The last time I saw so many low CR players in PvE was during the first lootpocalypse.

I’ve been having new players every other match in PVP, which seems pretty healthy to me

Healthy is when players come and stay, i. e. when there are lots of middle-level players. There are over million game owners (and I see new players regularly in PVE), this means the game is quite good in attracting new players, but they, for several reasons, rarely like to stay.