BFF Tree Questions/Suggestions

If I’m spec’d into Sharing is Caring what would be a good choice in shield? And do any other skills in the BFF tree apply to Death Trap? Like how he inherits your equipped shield’s effects and bonuses. (Other than the obvious ones of course)

Giving DT a Flame of the Firehawk is pretty hilarious for mobbing (unless you find the constant novas off-putting). I get the impression that most go with some version of 'roid shield. That makes a lot of sense if you’re using DT extensively to progress through the story. Are you intending to spec into the parts of either of the other trees that boost DT’s melee damage?

Normally I run something along these lines:

I use a Legendary Catalyst COM mostly, but I have slight variations for my other COMS I use too. I planned on doing some sort of BFF/LBT hybrid.

Sorry, here’s the link that was SUPPOSED to be.

The Top Gear guide suggests Hide of Terra as a melee shield, but I’ve never had one so I have no idea how well that works. Of the other suggestions, it might be worth experimenting with a Black Hole shield

I wonder how an Impaler might fair…and I’ll have to go hunt down a Black Hole, but it seems worth investigating…

The Impaler works well. If you’re at an appropriate level and can get it, the Antagonist would also be good.

I was going to post the top gear link but got interrupted. Here it is - the shields section is a ways down. Note the caution on the Love Thumper!

DT with the HoT is insane. spikes and roids and EXPLOSIONS. Like a damn biker gym.

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Came into this topic to second the Hide. DT absolutely crushes with it, especially if you also take Make It Sparkle and he can element-match.

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I do like the Antagonist shield. And I like using Make it Sparkle. I guess its time to experiment!

To the lab Death Trap!

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Fun experiment news time update!

So, in the process of all this shield testing I reset Gaige’s skill set completely. I thought,

"why not see if we can make an obscure build work on top of this?"
Because my build and playstyle tend to be chaotic at times and what I had originally planned wasn’t fitting together as hoped. So I changed tactics and builds.

I cobbled together a build centered around regeneration of both health and shield with supplemental elemental and anarchy damage. I gathered gear I thought would work it best (magic missile for Slag, shock weapons, blood of the seraphs, and a Leg. Catalyst) For the shields to try out I decided on two;
The Antagonist and Blastproof Hide of Terramorphous.

The Antagonist experiment went pretty standard, but without my usual shock bone relic her weapons just couldn’t get that extra kick needed. Interestingly I learned that DT activates Evil Enchantress.

Hide of Terramorphous experiment was the interesting one. Gaige herself had a little trouble staying up, but DT was tanking it. It was like some kind of intensified Flame of the Firehawk hybrid that killed everything for Gaige. I learned that if she kept things slagged and fired for support then everything died fast and furious like.

Overall a fun time and interesting build that might be more fun on lower levels…


That, and Unstoppable Force. On a side note, DT gets the benefit of both the slag projectiles and the bullet reflection from the Antagonist.

It’s hard to tell if the reflected bullet damage gets the full boost when he wears it (I have some old recordings I was going to check, but it’s a pain and I’m lazy) but even if that’s the case it’s not enough to kill his attackers outright on OP8 given how the scaling works.
More’s the pity.