BFG rocket launcher

I want a BFG type gun that shoots an orb that microwaves/electrocutes/corrodes/combusts enemies in it’s proximity. Norfleet to a degree did this with it’s 3 orbs. With all the anoited enemies spamming their own bfg type homing orbs we need to return the favor. Make one shot worth like 8-12 rockets to emulate Doom’s bfg ammo rarity


It sounds like you want a combination of the Norfleet with the Badaboom. I can’t deny that does sound fun, if only for five minutes before we all revert back to our normal weapons.


Yeah we need something grand like the Norfleet at least

Stuffed Shredded Lump :slight_smile:


Double prefix Will-O-Wisp?

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Kil o Wisp to a degree works but this guy is almost 1 to 1 a BFG:

All it needs is one orb that is twice the size and more pronounced chain lightning

Found a lump yesterday. It takes like a whole second to charge up but it does do alot of damage over time even after the orb explosion. Gotta test it on big mobs next

And it has to take up half of the screen like the real thing, and for balance purposes, since often times, that thing just kills everything in front of you.