BHC BL2 Import Character Problem

Just recently picked up the digital version of BHC on the PS4 during last week’s Flash Sale. I already have the Borderlands Triple Pack for the PS3 and have a Level 33 Mechromancer. I transferred her to my PS4 through the cross-save, but received an error that the game save was in an area not available (I had saved just before the Wattle-Gobbler fight on the PS3). So, Gaige appeared on Southern Shelf. I then went to the fast-travel beacon there and none of the DLC destinations were listed.

I started a TVH playthrough with the same character and some of the DLC locations are showing, but not all of them. None of the Headhunter locations are on the list, for example. I have deleted and re-imported the character twice and had the same error both times. I also moved the character to Sanctuary on the PS3 and transferred the character again. No error this time, but the Headhunter locations still don’t appear in the Fast Travel. Only the main DLC locations. I haven’t checked skins or heads yet.

I’m at version 1.04 on the PS4 with no prompt to update when I launch the game, and latest update on the PS3. Any ideas how to fix this issue? When playing a new character, only some of the DLC locations show up until I get to Sanctuary, then they all show - but again only the main DLC.


Okay, so I went into the system software on the PS4 and noticed a rather large application data download for BHC - to the tune of 32.635 GB - about the same size (if not larger) as the initial download. Due to crappy DSL, it won’t be done downloading for awhile. I’ve deleted my saves for now and will check it again in the morning. Due to some other posts I’ve read on other sites, this should probably fix the issue, so fingers crossed… :slight_smile:


Everything’s working now as far as importing and getting to the DLC, however, I ended up putting in a support ticket as my Golden Keys aren’t showing correctly when I try to redeem them. I should have 76, but it only shows I have 1. Oops…


Your golden keys along with your bad ass token spending do not transfer with the cross save. You will have to spend the tokens again. Try to find some shift codes for more golden keys.