BHC - BL2 Vault Veteren Rewards Vanished

Okay so i was testing the game out when it was downloading and got to the character creator screen and went through all the dlc heads I never seen before and everything was available for example the tannis head and a new one that looks like NIsha. The game was only 50% and making a odd static sound so i decided to close it out and wait for it to be done when i came back the static sound was gone but so were the tannis head and the nisha head and the cool vault hunter skin. Is there something i can do and is this a known problem?

Look around but I think this happens a lot if you start the game prior to letting the install finish. Usually they just say to uninstall, re-install, wait for the install to finish, patch afterwards, then try.
It’s all sorts of super advance.

Okay ill try doing that now and i just tried TPS and was trying the new action skills to see what one i liked more. The first one i had tons of badass points but i didnt like the action skill so i tried a new one and i now have zero badass rank and no points so i guess i just screwed my self on that. the game was fully installed at the time.

That doesn’ sound right, you may want to consider putting in a ticket regarding the BAR disappearing.