Bia 4 - give it to me for the love of god

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Don’t agree with everything he says here, but his comments about the historical accuracy of the game and, in particular, the multiplayer are on. Friggin’. Point. Lads.

Gearbox, make it so. Please. I’ve been here on this forum for 14 years now - do it for me. Do it for Mickity.

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I just want them to show DICE how to make a real WW2 game.

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Oh yeah, that looks horrible. All aboard the politically correct train, and to hell with historical accuracy!

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After the disappointment of CODWW2 and that insulting travesty that was the BFV reveal trailer, Gearbox has the perfect chance to showcase a proper historical WW2 experience.

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Ha, the video’s comments regarding political correctness and SJW are among those I did not agree with. Not that I like SJW or a lot of PC stuff - because I do not, I assure you - but I don’t think GBX would add in a bunch of ahistorical nonsense.

But the point about multiplayer for BIA 4 and using AI fireteams led by human players is… ABSOLUTELY ■■■■■■■ RIGHT. That’s how it should be, it’s how it was in the first two games, it made BIA’s MP standout among a sea of boring idiocy, and it is how it must be.

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Give this man some whiskey!

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i wanted to share this here i tweeted to Randy yesterday about the new BIA game this is his reply:

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You could ask about this sub-forum

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WHY? Why is there no info about a new BIA? Why?

WHY, RANDY, WHY? What have you forsaken me? …why?

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Because they mean :tired_face:

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Today i tweeted at Randy again about the Brothers in arms game here is his reply. But still nothing they can talk about!

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ask him, if they still have files of the previous games, they were never taken care of in the final version, and if they can be delivered and we modify them so that they are in the games

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Nice work, soldier!