BiA 4 not at E3 2019

Any news on the BIA 4 game?. I saw an annoucement of BL3 on the E3.

Why for God sake, we are don’t getting answers about Brothers in Arms…

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Brothers in Arms will launch on Next Generation consoles & PC in September 2021. The franchise will see a complete reboot powered by Unreal Engine 4, while still following the illustrious events of Matt Baker.

That’s a bit of a claim. Got a source??

The only thing I’m aware of is this:

The bit about publishing rights reverting to GBX came out in an interview with Randy at a games show a year or so back. IIRC Ubisoft had been looking for a more competitive shooter-style sequel, which GBX wasn’t wild about. The work on that basically ended up going in to Battleborn. Ubisoft being out of the picture means GBX have a free hand to build the game they want.

How do you know that? What is your source?



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That’s almost 1,5 Year ago and that’s the only thing we heart about it…

Well, they did pull a lot of people on to BL3. I think it was one of the Nirvana podcasts or an interview where Randy said something like 90% of GBX were working on “a title you’re all eagerly awaiting”?

Don’t know that part btw…

And i know about the tweets from Randy Pitchford but in my eyes, the last thing we heart/ had about BiA4 was feb 2018… I think there are letting us down again…

Basically us again

I’m really tired about those empty news. The only thing I hear about Gearbox is that they are releasing new Borderland games each years… I want Brother in Arms!!!

Does Some1 of us have a twitter account? Maybe we could ask by ourself to Randy pitchford if he can give us Some intell?