BiA - Battle of the Bulge Conversion Mod

(vamilitaria4) #1

I was so disappointed in not seeing a single mention of BiA at PAX East that I thought to myself I should bring the Battle of the Bulge to the franchise in a way or another. So here I am, replacing dozens of textures, trying to get that sweet Ardennes feeling! The mod is still very heavy WiP, all the progress you see here has been done in a single day, there’s obviously a lot of things to change/improve. What do you guys and gals think of it at the moment?

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(vamilitaria4) #3

I can call this a success

(Marcomi X) #4

There’s a custom map that’s set in bastogne iirc…you could try and edit it!

(Currahee) #5

Outstanding. Looking forward for more of your works!

(vamilitaria4) #6

Glad you all like it! Here are some other screenshots :

(brunotomazeli) #7

From childhood to today I say that this is the best game of all time, let us resurrect this bia community, about your work, unusual, incredible!