BiA collections

(Currahee) #1

So I am sure that we are all Brothers in Arms collectors so I thought I should share of what I already have:

Two Xbox games of both Road to Hill 30 and Hell’s Highway, and I also have the book of Hell’s Highway which tells more about 3rd squad in the operation. Not really closely related with the game but is very good.

I’m currently looking for Earned in Blood for the Xbox and the Brothers in Arms comics is on its way.

What do you guys have?

(Marcomi X) #2

Old pic.
The M1 is a lil different now…I’ve redone the finish on both the metal and the wooden parts.

(Currahee) #3

Holy crap, you’ve really outdone yourself.

Is it going to be hard finding the action figures of both Mac and Leggett? I can see that you have Baker there.

(Marcomi X) #4

That action figure was in the HH limited edition. Dunno if they made one for all the other characters. I must syay that the quality of the figure itself is very, VERY low.

(Currahee) #5

I did some research about it and I know they only have action figures for Mac and Leggett (they literally showed it on the back of the Hell’s Highway manuel).


Great old times :grinning:

And I forgot these two

Microsoft make Brothers in Arms games BC on Xbox One!

(Currahee) #7

Update: I manage to secure all four comic books

(Marcomi X) #8

Is that M1 a Denix replica?


I don’t know. I bought it in a shop in Sainte Mere Eglise in 2006. They told me that it was used in Band of Brothers for supporting actors… but I don’t really know…

(Marcomi X) #10

could you post some more photos of the rifle? Some detailed pics of the receiver and the back sights would be nice


If you want more pictures, just tell me.

(Hi!) #12

■■■■ yes.