Most of us left on the original BIA boards are veterans of the community.

In the spirit of Brothers in Arms I’m Issuing a Report In!

All BIA fans old and new, Report in and make the jump!

I hope to see you all in here!



SWEET! Good to see ya, @DiBBs!


Can not wait for the return of Staff Sgt. Matthew Baker.

Might have to go and replay Hell’s Highway now…


I remember playing Road to Hill 30 on the PlayStation 2. At that time, I was so used to run-and-gun WWII shooters like Medal of Honor, so Brothers in Arms came as a shock to me, and I died a lot. :laughing:

That said, I can now appreciate the design and approach of Brothers in Arms. I just wish I actually had Road to Hill 30, Earned in Blood, and Hell’s Highway; I was only able to rent the first one, and I never played the other two.


You never saw me before, but I was reading the forum a couple of times a month and I want to say that Brothers in Arms is my favorite series with Medal of Honor. I only played Hells Higway, but Im waiting for another BIA since a long time.

I read that Gearbox will announce new game at South Pax in two weeks. I hope we will hear more about a true BIA and not Furious 4.

Thank you and maybe you will not see me again or maybe yes, but I created my account only to say that a lot of people are waiting!

PS : If you want to play BIA HH on Xbox 360, add me Nic727

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Welcome aboard, @Nic727! Good to have ya around!

MajorJohnson reporting for duty!!

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An old timer! (figuratively and literally)

good to see you here Johnson. I was starting to wonder if anybody would switch.

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I’m not ready to give up the fight, or hope, that a next BIA will be eventually produced. Look how long the Duke Nukem and A:CM fans waited??

Dibbs, I registered because I saw the post in the old forum about the 30 day countdown until they close it for good. I’m sure that the other members will eventually see that post as well, and will start showing up here. It just sux that it took me so long to get over 1000 posts, and now it’s like I’m a grunt in basic training again!!

And another thing, I want my BIA emoticons!!!

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Welcome aboard, @MajorJohnson!

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LoFFeN here. Registered back in June of 2005 on the “old” site. Was fairly active for 3 years on the forums until Hells Highway bombed. Still hoping for a new title for the BIA franchise. Make it happen pls.

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Hey Loffen! Another old timer.

Oh god maybe us old folk belong in the legacy boards :cold_sweat:

Johnson is right. These emoticons will simply not do. Where are our biamotes?


was just thinking of this game the other day. I miss BIA games and hope that GBX will make another someday.

Sup guys, Pooky here. took the chance to update my account to my current username.
Also I just did a bit of bugfixing on the battle of best map. Should be uploaded soon, keep an eye out on the bia sdk site I host

Just wonder why there’s a 1 after my nick :confused:


Where am I?!


Pookie and rendroc!

More familiar faces.

As for where we are, rendroc, We stumbled upon the darkness that awaited those who decided to stick it out for the next BiA.

The good old Legacy forums.


Good to see you guys.

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Still alive



Just a heads up, the old forums have been closed. Sad,sad day.

Most of us are here. Who are we missing? is it just mickity? I’m sure he’ll find his way over eventually lol

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