BiA Hell's Highway trailer

Hello everyone ! I’ve done a fan trailer of BiA HH last sunday.
Don’t forget to turn on the subtitles, as the video is in french.

Let me know what you think about it !

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It’s so strange to hear another localization for BiA…
The Italian Dubbers of the BiA games are fantastic…the adaption is not so great, though…

Anyway, good video! It could have been an official BiA trailer…(exept for that HUGE spoiler XD)

Not bad, though i would like to hear english version… it’s fine enough :smiley: however like MarcomiX said, large part of it was a spoiler in the game… also, is it just me or it isn’t Friar Winchell in the part where the building collapse, the guy in that trailer looks pretty much like Hartsock.

I am deeply impressed with your work but I could of think of adding a bit more cut-scenes and dramatic effect if you know what I mean.