BiA HH mods...any full-FPS experience mod out there?

One of the things that bugs me about BiA HH is that it’s focused more on the 3rd person cover system.
And, well…some maps are studied in order to work with only the 3rd person cover (some of the obstacles are not high enough to cover the player when he’s simply crouching behind it)

Is there a chance to make the 3rd person cover works, but with a first person perspective? I think it will come out similar to the Red Orchestra 2 cover system…which is not that bad.

Both games run on the same engine so there might be some way to implement RO2’s cover system in BiA, but the question is : how is it possible to do that ?

I wish there was, the focus on 3rd person cover was one of the aspects i disliked in BIA3, stick to FPS and leave it at that gearbox!

Theorically speaking, it’s as simple as it can get:
just have the “uncovered” camera view mode when the player is “in cover”. It’s not a matter of implementing a whole new cover system…just modifying the existent one would be good enough, I think.

I’m not so entirely sure how the system works, but I heard somewhere in the internet that they used the idea of the 3rd person cover system from Rainbow Six, which they also helped makes.

Isn’t there a file somewhere that could tell how the system works?