BIA: HH - Post Process Effects

Well, first time on the forums, but I’ve been a Brothers In Arms fan for years.
I still love Hell’s Highway for the continued story, as well as the squad tatics.

One thing I wanted to do in Hell’s Highway was to desaturate the color without too much fuss.
Why? Well, I have BIA: HH in a Wine wrapper and other post-processing tools won’t work.

Do note that this DOES NOT use ENBSeries, Reshade, SweetFX, or any other kind of injector.
What it does use is a small console script and built-in Unreal Engine post-processing effects.

On reading some other forums of Unreal Tournament 3 and Unreal Engine 3 SDK, I found some
examples of console settings for tweaking various in-game post-processing effects.

For example, the code below reduces bloom and depth of field, and desaturates by 50%.
If you’d like a ‘The Longest Day’ black and white feeling, set Saturation to 1.0 (100%)!

set postprocessvolume settings (bloom_scale=0.2, DOF_MaxNearBlurAmount=0.1, DOF_MaxFarBlurAmount=0.2)
set postprocessvolume settings (scene_desaturation=0.5, scene_highlights=1.0, scene_midtones=1.0, scene_shadows=1.0)

Instead of typing all that in the console every level, it’s recommended to save a text file in the
My Games -> BIA Hells Highway -> Binaries directory. Then execute that script in the console:

exec post-process.txt

The name of the file doesn’t matter, just make sure it’s plain text with only the commands.
Other effects can be found in the Post Process Effect Reference , in the old UE3 docs.

Here’s a before example (it’s about 11MB @ 2880x1800):

And here’s an example just after applying effects (also about 10MB):

Thought this was interesting enough to share, as to achieve some post-processing effects with
just the game engine. Works in Wine, through Steam too, so should work on Windows fine.

Perhaps this could be a topic of examples of in-game Post Process Effects.