BiA next game vs CoD:WW2 and Battlefield 1

When Hell’s Highway came I played it very often and went back to this title several times after just to cheer its physics and overall feel. Last time it was, I guess, in '14 and it was the last game I played on PC/laptop. I left gaming for a couple of years and recently just checked what’s going on in WW2 area and was surprised about Call of Duty: WW2 and Battlefield 1. They have beautiful graphics but soon after I realised they also have poor (still) physics and Hell’s Highway (or Unreal Engine 3) still has it way better handled. I’m not a sadist or something but in Hell’s Highway the so called gore physics and shooting effects on bodies were built in much better way without the arcade feeling like newcomers in 2017 have. Even I remember some pre-release Hell’s Highway videos where physics like cloth were more complex than in the final selled game (it was probably too much for PCs from that period '08).

Tried Battlefield 1 and after several minutes it started to bore me…too arcade feel and I feel entirely disconnected from the plot, soldiers falls in arcade way and this is very similar in CoD:WW2 videos - chances are high it will also be boring for me as I don’t follow the “arcadish” style and prefer realism and good physics (In Battlefield 1 the aircraft missions are great looking and such graphics level would be appreciated in some fly simulators like Rise of Flight successor - but not the physics and realism!!!).

So it’s like I get very fast bored if the game isn’t realistic or without interesting physics even its graphics is at its peak. Many new games have this arcade feel and are very boring at the end after few moments. With Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway its opposite and somehow Gearbox was able to write good story using proper engine with proper physics. This title in my opinion would be a platform for many titles after it still using WW2 theatre (not novadays theatre) so I hope Gearbox will or is working on the next title from this series.

In my opinion using good engine/damage-gore physics (Unreal engine 4 or other) and basing on a good tactics is the way for next Brothers in Arms game. I don’t think that the cut scenes story itself is that important - more important is the game contest feeling itself and the way tactics are used and overall environment realism.

So I beg all Gearbox Software people - if You’re working on something here please follow root Hell’s Highway’s principles and omit as much as possible arcade feeling or too much cut scenes/scripted paths. Please make ZERO ARCADE - it’ll be Your advantage over the likes of CoD:WW2 and Battlefield 1. I guess if next proper written BiA game will be released it’ll be the only game title played by me on a pc/laptop.

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I like of what you are putting through there and I hope that whatever mistakes that Gearbox had made on Hell’s Highway they would be able to fix on their next game