BIA The Rise and Fall

(armitom) #1

A great video about the history of one of the greatest WW2 games ever made.
If anything this made me want BIA4 even more :frowning: Then remind myself of the current state of the gaming industry and despair knowing if and when it happens it won’t be anything like BIA1&2

(Currahee) #2

Aye, it is a very well-made documentary. One thing for certain that the guy pretty much didn’t do as much research of the games as anticipated, like he said there is regenerative health in Hell’s Highway or no mention of the new game that is currently in development.

But still, a very well made documentary.

(Ayala1555) #3

Watching that made me sad. I really hope Baker story continue, I still have faith that is going to come out this year or the next!, If I can wait for Hell Highway since 2005, I can wait for a part 4.