BIA4 IS IN Development

(Currahee) #21

Can’t say loss, buddy. Can’t say loss.

Welcome back, we were just getting to go to Bastogne and you just came in at a nick of time.

(Hi!) #22

Hi! And thanks for picking up what I was laying down with the Tweets!

(armitom) #23

Another video confirming that Another BIA is being made, may not seem like much, but its better than nothing

He talks about BIA in general, how the idea came to them etc, fun stuff to listen to, at 51:45.
Mentions that BIA4 is in development at 1:03:57

(Hi!) #24

Interesting. Thanks for sharing that, homie.

I like to think that maybe the forumites’ reaction to Furious 4 helped kill it. I don’t think I had any qualms about stating my opinion then, or ever, but that was a goddamn abomination of what I thought BiA was all about. Glad that went away, and beyond excited at a new -AUTHENTIC- Brothers in Arms.