Big Boom Blaster gives "Unintended" benefits?

I know that this isn’t exactly news what this shield can do. But I think some under estimate just how well it can do it. Infinite Heavy ammo, Infinite Grenades and it fills my shields so I can throw more grenades to keep my shield topped off and destroy half a maps worth of enemies with no effort expended. The video below shows some basic gameplay on mayhem 3.

Honestly when I play with these items I feel like the game is on TVHM without mayhem on. Hope this helps anyone who is struggling to make a solid Demolition woman build.

I sometimes bring a low level Sell Out pistol with me and shoot my feet to proc boosters between fights. A combo of Means of Destruction, Pull the Holy Pin, and Big Boom Blaster is great fun for throwing grenades.

While I’m still of the opinion that Moze is the one Vault Hunter who struggles most to adapt to Mayhem 4, she has the means to ramp up her overall DPS via unconventional ways which are not as obvious to the eye as with Amara, Fl4k or even Zane in his present form. She’s really the only VH who can make constant grenade-DPS a thing - Big Boom Blaster + 3/3 Means of Destruction + Vampyr + a Tracker/Exploder with multiple explosions per single grenade = constantly tossing grenades and keeping Moze sustained in both her health and her grenade stockpile.

As for the BBB shield itself, I think a majority of us have reported how we can have 50k or more max shields reduced to literally zero in one single AOE hit. Having a huge capacity is all well and good but also quite redundant if you have no other means of restoring your shield beyond its basic shield recharge delay and rate stats. Well the BBB shield addresses that problem significantly, and it also feels like a shield that was specifically constructed with the Demolition Woman and Shield of Retribution skill trees in mind.

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One of the best things about this shield is that you can get different parts on it. Iv been trying to find one with a decent anoint and absorb parts. The only one with double Absorb have found was as Terror on Melee XD. Not bad but I am not a huge fan of Terror and the muffled SFX. (I say that but my Fl4K build is terror)

I do think M4 has some structural flaws. Bullet sponge mode is cool and all to push players to take there builds to the max but with how much RNG there is involved in Anointed gear I just can’t get behind it.

As for shields I feel like Shield of Retribution is kind of confused with is synergies. Bloodletter/ Deathless is amazing ya but it makes Tenacious Defense not work. Being real Bloodletter is not a great COM on its own when considering most of Moze’s skills. Unless it was spicificly designed around the idea that you would be playing with others it had to be created with specific shields in mind like you have suggested. Big Boom Blaster I would guess is one of them. I was thinking Re Router at one point but the problem is keeping the dang thing full for amped shots to feed back in to your shields. On paper its great but in practice it just don’t work with Bloodletter gimping Delay so much.

I’ve recently been testing (not takedown) how important M4 modifiers are. The double projectile and enemy accuracy modifiers are actually pretty game breaking… The double projectile being the worst modifier you can get from what I can tell. It causes you to go down instantly all the time. Stop gap can help but eventually you won’t have iron bear to retreat to and the double hits outpace Vampyr by a large margin.

I didn’t test it in takedown simply because that’s a waste of money and it takes too long to get to enemies worth testing it on.

I usually don’t check the modifiers on M4 unless I get instantly destroyed. Usually when that happens it is the double projectile one.

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Yeah I never check them, but I started noticing that modifier is make or break in some situations. Like if you’re going to run slaughter shaft you should just reroll. Same with takedown obviously.

They should’ve just not had modifiers for M4. I know they’re changing it, but I hope they keep a general hard mode like it but without the modifiers so I can accurately test my build. And I don’t care what anyone says, I like the amount of bullets it takes in M4 currently.

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When I first saw the dramatic spikes in health, shields and armour in M4, my exact thought was that they should’ve dispensed with the modifiers completely, they’re just unnecessary at that point. I would happily concede any bonus damage if it meant eliminating all possibility of every enemy borrowing Playing Dirty from Zane and jacking it up to 10/5.

They claim there will be more mayhem levels in the future. Whether that’s upon the release of Mayhem 2.0 or after, I’ve no idea so it makes me wonder how far they’re willing to go with Mayhem 5 and beyond.

Hypothetically speaking, knowing that it’s doable to solo-clear Maliwan Takedown when it’s fixed at 4-player difficulty, they might create something like Ultimate Mayhem where there are no modifiers, but enemies have Mayhem 4 or 5 health that’s always scaled to 4-player difficulty. It would give the hardcore Borderlands players and veterans that official in-game option they’ve been wanting for a long time.

I hope they decide to have parallel modes with equal loot.

Like tvhm 1, 2, 3, 4 etc which just scales significantly. And then have a separate mayhem 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. And the mayhem mode would not scale enemy health and shields nearly as much but adds crazy modifiers. Give both modes equal loot for each level.

This is probably unlikely though.