Big Boom Blaster or Old God?

Really torn here

Old God:

20% incendiary damage which is awesome for moze
Tons of elemental resistance
Twice capacity of BBB


basically infinite grenades so I can spam them to my hearts content
Low capacity which is great for Topped off, but I get one shotted ALL THE DAMN TIME

So kind of torn . Which do you guys prefer ?

Does the Old God affect Iron Bear?

I’m guessing the only thing it would effect are the incendiary damage that IB procs off mozes skills

Still yet to have an old god drop. Topped off is a huge bonus to beat, IDK of capacity and elemental damage are enough.
Let me put it this way:
PS4 Big Boom Blaster
everyone else Old God.

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Getting one-shotted more than like twice would be a deal breaker for the shield (or the build surrounding it) for me.

Neither …

Rough Rider shield with a lunacy artifact … all the way to the grave.

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[soothing tune]
Ask your local 1hp builder and ask if their 80k shield ever mattered.

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I think a double capacity BBB with the gunner 75% shield and hp anointment plus 160% splash which also gives 75% shields is the best for survivability in the game. Every booster gives 20k shield without being specced in the red tree at all.

It outheals any DOT and keeps topped off active much more than the old God, giving you more dps since you get the splash anointment more often. You get so much shield you can even shoot at your own feet with an ogre to regenerate grenades and the BBB will heal you back.

The highest possible BBB is great because you always heal it for 60%
Lunacy would help a lot there

I use to like the BBB with 50% bonus dmg but I stopped using it for the following reasons:

  1. Low shield capacity. (Not a big deal in solo TTD since no matter how much shield I have it always end up 0 lol)

  2. It messes up my Scourge spam, 0 ammo because the extra heavy ammo goes to my backpack and thus it forces me to reload. Using BM com makes my splash bonus worthless when that unnecessary reload happens. THIS IS PROBABLY THE BIGGEST ISSUE I HAVE

  3. I like the flat dmg boost from Old God

  4. My grenades regeneration is good enough as long as I use splash weapon.

Yeah, on Moze I definitely use my BBB over Old God. I’ve got one with 13k shields and the 75% shield/hp anointment. Love it and its great for IB builds as well as you can boost his HP pretty high with it.

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I would use the Old God with an elemental ase bonus vs a boss that I’m trying to melt since it gives more damage, but in a slaughter or the takedown the BBB wins hands down for me (with good stats and the shield anointments). More shield in the long term with all the boosters, more grenades which means more damage, healing and ammo regen with MOD, faster cooldown with topped off.

It may depend on the build but for a demolition Moze the BBB is so so good in Bl3. It was great in Bl2 but the fact you couldn’t automatically pickup the boosters made it a pain, now it’s just great. Interesting to point out that GBX changed the boosters to auto pickup a few days before nerfing grenade regen on Moze. So it was clearly intended as the fix for infinite grenade spamming builds.

@zwangzug yeh the ammo regen going to the backpack is bad for a 0 ammo rocket build.