Big Boom Blaster Shield new potential for Moze?

Will the Big Boom Blaster shield become a powerful pick for Moze now that they have effectively buffed it by allowing shield boosters to be auto pick ups, as a result of the latest hotfix [10/17].

The Big Boom Blaster shield has a 60% chance to drop a shield booster that restores 60% of shields and gives you grenade/heavy ammo. This seems like it could be utilized very well now on Moze, since she can make up for the shields overall low capacity (4000-5000 from what I have seen) with her skills in shield of retribution tree.

Any thoughts? I for one am excited to try it out and see how well it performs.


I think it will be super useful after the eventual inevitable infinite grenade nerf.

Until then, it’s nigh pointless imo, unless you don’t run Demo Woman.


If I find one I’m gonna keep it. Not sure how they plan to rework the infinite grenade regen but this might end up helping that build.

I must have missed that in the notes. That is awesome. Does this apply to all pick up produced by a shield?

Not sure. I believe the hot fix just stated shield boosters. Perhaps some testing needs to be done to figure out for sure

Probably it is going to be the best shield for a non Deathless/Bloodletter build as the boosters totally replace the shield recharge rate/delay and the capacity only goes up with Phalanx Doctrine.

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The booster autopickup is a potential game changer. No need to spec into Vampyr anymore.

Edit: Also FASTBALL build!


The booster appears to be a % of your current max, not the item card capacity. I got up to 20k shields in sanctuary with a 3.5k Big Boom. Used a Thunderball fist to get my shields low, and the dot procced boosters.

Any booster shield is worth looking at now (because they can roll with higher capacity than the Big Boom) - especially ones that roll it twice and have a 30% chance to drop a booster.

It gives us options beyond Vampyr.

Also, I think the patch note referred to boosters that come from shields. Not specifically boosters that restore shields.

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I found the shield to be too weak to justify the drop. The only use I’ve found is that it helps fuel Jericho spam…and if you have an annexed Jericho…ohhh boy, that thing makes the pre nerf Flakker look like a pea shooter. 2100x2 damage on Mortar and with recurring hex, you regen your clip very, very fast, giving you infinite mortar fire. You can easily gib several annointed enemies in 1 volley.

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Will definitely have to test this out!

I got this one:

Shield is still a tad weak, but it’s reasonable 32k unbuffed with what I am running.


That one seems great! You don’t happen to be playing on xbox one are you?

Nope, master race here.

Quite elitest but fair enough

I’m looking for one with the annointed +75% max shield +75% max health on exiting IB for 25 seconds.

The pickups from BBB def opens up grenade options other than hex/tesla type for unlimited spamming.

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I for one, am excited to start using the quasar and storm front more, since they were two of my favorites from BL2

The Fastball is still awesome? I havent seem one but man, a criting Fastball with +100% Splash damage from the Master Blaster should be Crazy.


Fastball is still bangdiggity!

I haven’t found BBB in this game to go hambone yet but after the 60 second wind up on Blasta com I was able to 2 shot Traunt after I stripped his shields.

I just finally found it at the beginning of my last play session so I’ll def be looking even harder for my sweet sweet BBB now.

Tried Big Boom Blaster some more and it’s super legit. Take some Heavy Weapon like Jericho or Scourge + MoD and you get so much ammo you can not run out really even spamming.

Healing-wise it’s less stellar, does the job, but Vampyr is really perfect upkeep there, while this one is a bit spotty.

IMO, it will be excellent setup overall once Infinite Grenades get fixed/nerfed/changed. Pretty sure it will still enable grenade spam overall.

I’ve been using the big boom blaster w/ shock resistance, no hex/storm front, and no vampyr and yeah… it’s actually really good. I’m just worried that gearbox will nerf auto pickups or nerf the shield to restore less than 60% of shields.

Also it’s really helpful for co-op because your teammates can pick up the boosters as well. Although, I THINK enemies can also auto pick-up the shield boosters but i’m not sure about that.