Big character issues

Anyone else always get stuck on everything? As isic I cant even get his lore done because if I dash at bots I land and bounce ontop of them till I die, whats with the goofy collision system in this game?!?!

It’s also pretty crappy with Atticus

Aim behind them, otherwise, it won’t always work out. xD

Naw, but I’ve been walking down stairs and ended up on somebody’s head. It’s hilarious, but weird. xD

Kleese’s big ol’ Battle Throne gets stuck on a lot of things too. It’s so wiiiiide. The amount of times I’ve died in PvP because I got stuck on my escape route on teammates or terrain is more than I care to recall haha.


I get blocked by thralls all the time on incursion…

Don’t have too many problems cept with big characters but that’s expected. Although today I was playing as Boldur and as I was attacking one of the elite bots I got shot up 200ft in the air from mid and landed behind their first sentry by merc. Actually managed to use it to my advantage snuck up on a Marquis and killed him still able to make it out alive haha

If I remember correctly I think the developers said they are tweaking a few things as far as the games collision goes.

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