Big Daddy Atty: a guide to picking your battles

Attikus is a very powerful character in the right hands. Against certain team comps, he’s absolutely devastating… however, specific characters can make Attikus very difficult to play. This isn’t a full on Attikus strategy guide, as I don’t think I’m quite fully ready to make one just yet. This is a guide for when you should and shouldn’t play Attikus… which is absolutely key to succeeding with him. To give you some context, I play Attikus with a focus on mobility and DPS, so my tips reflect playing him in such a way. EDIT: I have decided I will later add a build guide and general tips to this post later on.

Attikus and Maps
These are general tips as to how to play Attikus on each map. At least remember this: Attikus likes vertical locations where he can Pounce up to people to trap them with body blocking or to escape from enemy fire.

Any Capture, any Face-Off
You can succeed on any of these maps while almost entirely disregarding enemy team comp. These game modes emphasize killing enemy players, and there isn’t much to worry about positioning… meaning Attikus is never out of position here and has total reign over the map at all times. Most of them (Outback and Temples especially) have lots of places for Attikus to Pounce to when he’s in trouble.

Coldsnap is easily Attikus’ best map. There are sniper spots on both lanes that lead to the thumper turrets. One is on the metal platform behind and to the side of MINREC. The other is a snowy platform almost right next to MINREC. They both line up with the minion wave, and have tiny slopes in front of them that you can walk up and jump off of to get up there. These sniper spots are very easy for Attikus to jump up to, allowing him to easily trap an enemy sniper with body blocking or just kill the enemy thumper.

The snowy side has walls around the single shard, allowing you to Pounce over it to escape from someone or to kill someone taking the shard. The other side (with the shard inside the room) is great for body blocking. Predict where the enemy is going to run to when they are inside and trap them.

The metal base (where the thumper and healing station are) is a great place for Attikus, offensively. It’s difficult for them to escape from your attacks if you have mobility gear on, and if you killed the thumper previously. If things start going south, it doesn’t take long to lose line of sight with Pounce.

Just like Coldsnap, there’s two sniper spots on each side. Use the same strategy of Pouncing behind the enemy and body blocking them to push any snipers back.

Try to play mid-lane here and shard farm so you can avoid sticking to one lane for too long. If your allies are having trouble on one side, run over and build the shock turret and push the enemy, focusing minions. If the real issue is an enemy player, focus them instead.

The middle area is pretty good for Attikus, since it’s easier to Pounce on people to slow them there. You can play inglorious bastard Attikus and camp near the Elite bot spawners and kill enemy players shortly after they leave the spawn. Be wary of getting ganked while doing this, however.

Paradise is a little bit more rough for Attikus. The open areas make it difficult for you to approach enemies, and give them plenty of opportunities to damage you.

You can try to be sneaky and hang out in the areas beneath the single middle large shards on each lane, or beneath the bridge… but Attikus is very large, so it’s rare that you actually get to surprise attack someone unless you’re attacking from behind.

It’s difficult (but possible) to Pounce up to the middle bridge with the large shard cluster. If you can master Pouncing up there, use it to push ranged characters off to allow some dank ganks from your teammates. Of course, you’ll look pretty dumb smashing your face into that bridge over, and over again…

Try to destroy the thumper turrets when possible, so it’s easier for you to run behind an enemy and flank them while body blocking.

Monuments is a great Incursion map for Attikus. There’s lots of areas for you to Pounce to, allowing plenty of easy escapes and opportunities to take advantage of.

However, solo’ing double Thralls (Attikus’ signature move) is a bit more risky for him because of the long corridor the Thralls reside in. It allows ranged characters to hang back and damage you while you’re fighting the Thralls, and then rush in and prevent you from capping the point (especially with multiple enemies). Since it’s a little bit isolated, it’s difficult for allies to rush in and save you.

You can Pounce from the choke-point stairs up to the sniper spot that leads to the large shard (you have to jump from the top of the stairs, and Pounce mid-air). Use this to quickly take enemy shards as well as disrupt enemy snipers.

The backdoor is very close to the sentry here. If the sentry’s shield is low or down, feel free to Pounce into the back door and do a suicide run to do damage on the sentry (make sure you have the Tenacity helix before doing so!)

Echelon is a mixed bag for Attikus. The large, open spaces mean you’re constantly going to be taking damage from enemy ranged characters, but it’s easy for you to hop off the bridge in the middle for cover or Pounce away. The openness also makes it very easy to land your Pounces directly on your enemies.

You can Pounce to the single large shard in the middle from the bridge, but it’s very likely you’ll get caught on geometry and then fall. You can also Pounce from near the middle health station up to the bridge… and from the first stinger up to the enemy’s large shard, allowing a sneaky Attikus to take both enemy shards very quickly.

Taking double Thralls is very risky, as the enemy can see you from the bridge. The alarm will be raised very quickly if you try to take doubles while the enemy can see you. Although, since the Thralls are so close to the first sentry, the pay-off will be very big and immediate when you capture them.

The entry ways to the double Thralls can be a blessing or a curse. You can either trap enemies here, or be easIly trapped and dispatched. I recommend avoiding these entry ways unless you are ganking someome.

Overgrowth is a little bit painful for Attikus. The middle area is controlled by snipers that are difficult to get access to (unless you are pushed up to the enemy’s chokepoint). Unless the shock turret is on your team or it is destroyed, trying to fight in the middle is a very bad idea. Your only hope in the middle (that giant pillar) isn’t large enough to protect you. Standing behind it still causes little bits of you to poke around corners, allowing you get shot.

Taking double Thralls is very much a coin toss here. You can quickly get to doubles from your base by dropping off the ledge in the cave next to the elite bot spawner (which also means your enemy can quickly gank you while you’re taking doubles). You can Pounce back up to the ledge, but it often means you’ll be leaving some nearly dead doubles for your enemies to easily swoop up and take… not to mention that doubles are least useful on Overgrowth, since they are often dispatched before they even make it to the lane (unless you take them during an allied push).

I really don’t like playing Attikus on Overgrowth. Trying to Pounce up to an enemy to push them back almost always means you’re going to end up far too deep into enemy territory (unless you’re already pushing the enemy back). The only time I’d recommend picking Attikus on this map is when the enemy team comp is almost entirely made of characters that Attikus is very powerful against.

Characters you are good against
These are characters that Attikus is very powerful against, and give you more reason to pick him.


Attikus destroys Orendi, without much trouble (unless she has her slow helix). Her low health pool lets you melt her with consecutive punches, and Attikus’ perspective makes landing critical charged hooks on her relatively easy. If she tries to Nullify away, you can Pounce on her to silence (and slow) her for some good damage opportunities. Not to mention it’s easy for Attikus to interrupt her ultimate with Pounce (she moves very slowly during her ult’s wind-up, and it helps to learn her ult call-outs).

Also, Hedronic Eruption is very lethal against her. If you are fully charged, the slow means she can’t escape and will almost always take the full 1400 damage (even if she Nullifies away). At level 10 (picking Wake of Devastation), Hedronic Eruption becomes a full-on “Kill Orendi” button. She will almost always die when you use your ultimate on her, because there’s no way in hell Orendi can survive 4800 damage AND a slow… and she certainly can’t do enough damage to kill you before you kill her.

She is more difficult to dispatch in Incursion where she can Nullify behind a minion wave or an ally, giving her an easy escape.


Miko crumbles easily when being attacked by Attikus. Her large critical spot, slow movement speed, and heavy reliance on healing (Hedronic Arc wounds) put her in a bad spot against Attikus. Miko’s stun/slow Spore can be annoying, but it is rarely enough to save her from an Attikus with a Pounce ready and waiting to catch up to her when she runs. However, it’s Miko’s allies that are the problem… if Miko’s allies are nearby, make sure they are preoccupied with your friends before diving to kill her. Miko is very weak against Attikus in every mode except Incursion, where Attikus must dive or Pounce very deep behind enemy lines to attack Miko (who is often near the back of the minion wave).


Mellka is very weak to slow effects, of which Attikus has many (level 2 left helix and fully charged ultimate), not to mention she can’t Claw Lunge away while silenced. Her lack of hard CC means Attikus has no reason to fear her presence in the lane, or in a 1v1.

Her increased reliance on regeneration means that she is very weak to the wound on Hedronic Arc. As an Eldrid, she is vulnerable to critical hits and her low health means can lose over half her health with a single critical charged hook.

With Tenacity, you can really put the hurt on her if she has no escapes ready. Be wary of her poison as it means that your shield is going to be down for a long time and you will be vulnerable to critical hits from Mellka and her allies. Generally you should wait until her skills are on cooldown, then Pounce her for the slow or ult on her for an easy kill. Try not to use your ult unless you are absolutely sure she cannot Claw Lunge away from you.


Attikus has little to fear from Pendles. Attikus’ perspective allows for frequent critical hits against Pendles, and you can silence him to prevent him from using Smoke Bomb to cloak away. His low health pool allows you to kill him in a VERY short amount of time. Also, if he does cloak, you can Pounce on him for the slow to allow him to be attacked and also put the graphic effect on him to “reveal” his position (I forgot to mention he is “revealed” by having Tenacity stacks above him).

Pendles’ DPS can get very high, high enough to out damage you in some situations. You can Pounce away to escape death if things start going south, but keep in mind he can re-cloak and chase you… so you better be in a position where he can’t attack you without getting killed, or where you can safely teleport to base.

Landing charged hooks on Pendles is difficult, but if you have one ready when he de-cloaks to attack you, it can take out a significant amount of his health when you land it on him.


I almost included Kleese in the situational characters list, but I decided Attikus hurts Kleese a LOT more than Kleese hurts him. Kleese has a large shield, which can be annoying for many characters. However, Attikus has many options to damage or penetrate shields (helix option where Hedronic Arc does bonus damage to shields, Pounce does bonus damage to shields while fully charged, and your attacks have 25% shield penetration while fully charged). Once Kleese’s shield is down, it isn’t hard for you to land consecutive critical hits against him and decimate his health.

Kleese’s taser is feared by many, but not especially so for Attikus. Your large health pool (and Hedronic Regeneration) means that Kleese will run out of batteries (which are also required for his only escape) long before he does significant damage to you.

You don’t really need to use any skills against him other than Hedronic Arc (does the wound effect disrupt shield healing?) for the added DPS or the occasional ult to damage him and all his rifts (which I don’t advise doing unless it is safe to do so). If Kleese does try to escape, you can walk after him while attacking his rear easily or Pounce after him if he escaped below you. Don’t try to engage him before you have Tenacity, or when he is surrounded by his rifts… and be wary of his ultimate which can pull you into a bad position or interrupt your ultimate, as well as the rare precision laser helix option which can allow him to do major damage from a distance.

Try to get Kleese while he’s out of position or isolated from the group. He’s strongest when his allies are present.

Characters who are highly situational
These are enemies that your performance against is highly situational, for various reasons. Be careful when picking Attikus against these characters, as they can either be pushovers or completely shut you down… it’s a matter of picking the right situation to engage them in, as well as which map you are playing on.


Thorn is an Eldrid, and is relatively slow with a moderate health pool. Although you can land lots of critical hits on her and chase her, it doesn’t take much effort for her to jump over you or bunny hop to avoid your attacks. Critical charged hooks will often force her to pull back or even kill her if she’s low.

When she is sniping, she can keep you suppressed and stay out of range… but you can Pounce up to her and body block while racking up critical hits. It can be difficult for her to escape from your slows and body blocking, and the wound from Hedronic Arc can prevent allies from saving her.

Her Blight can slow you, so if you notice she took that helix option, avoid engaging her unless she is isolated. The slow is DEVASTATING.

Be wary of her curse + Wrath of the Wild combo, as it can do significant damage to you. Try to silence her to interrupt it if you hear the call-out for the ult. Hedronic Eruption can do some pretty significant damage, and also prevent her from jumping away (her primary means of damage mitigation).

In general, if you can get close, she can be killed with a slow or consecutive attacks… but from a distance she can put the hurt on you. Also, don’t forget to expect a Blight to slow you when you engage her.


Ernest relies entirely upon being in an advantageous position where he can safely lob grenades while being buffed by his Power Egg. However, this sometimes means he is isolated from the group and pretty far back from his allies (especially on Monuments, Outskirts, and Coldsnap). When this happens, he is a prime target for a Pounce and body block assault.

Ernest is also very slow without the haste from his level 1 helix… but without the haste he has the knock back on his Explosive Charge. The knock back can prevent you from attacking him for a short time as well as potentially put you in a bad position.

From a distance, Ernest won’t have too much trouble doing some respectable damage on you. You’re a very large target, and thus you’ll get hit by lots of direct hits and O’l Razzle Dazzle marks. Avoid line of sight, and also avoid grenade bounce range. He can and will hit you with bank shots if you just got out of LoS. Pounce is a very reliable way to get away from him if he’s giving you lots of trouble. Even if he does lots of damage to you, it can be worth it to push him back if he’s giving your allies or minion wave some problems.

A slightly obvious tip, but try to kill his Power Egg when you engage him. Without it, he isn’t very powerful and will likely try to run away. He might even switch to defense mode and slow you with the slow helix option when you get close. If this happens, immediately destroy the egg or Pounce away. Don’t try to engage while you are slowed. You will die.

You can decimate Ernest if he’s alone and in a position where he can’t quickly receive aid, but be careful to avoid letting his knock back and slow hurt you too bad. Kill the egg, kill Ernest.


Caldarius is very mobile, and can have very high DPS when built properly. If you can slow him with Pounce or Hedronic Eruption (or Boots of the Brute), he’ll probably use his dash ability (Gravitic Burst?) to escape you. Try to watch Caldarius so you can know when Gravitic Burst is on cooldown. Slow him while he can’t use his dash to force him to take as much damage as possible from your attacks. A slow Caldarius is a dead Caldarius.

If he picks his Gravitic Ascent helix (jump higher, fall slower) you’re going to have a lot more trouble against him. He’ll jump over you and stay way out of range of your attacks while pelting you with bullets. Keep in mind that your charged hook has a slightly longer range than your other melee attacks, making it easier to hit targets that are running away or mid-air.

Pouncing on Caldarius while he can dash away will usually force him pull back, and Pouncing on him while can’t dash will usually result in his death. Be wary of DPS build Caldarius, as he will melt you and your easily crit-able face.


At range, Marquis will keep you suppressed indefinitely. You’re a big, easy target and Marquis does a lot of damage. He can also slow you with his Time Bubble, and if you attack him while he’s surrounded by owls you’re gonna take a lot of burst damage.

However, Marquis doesn’t have much health and is often far back from the rest of the group. If you can get him alone, it’s not very likely he’ll survive. Marquis may try to use Time Bubble to slow you and haste himself, which generally means he’s going to escape unless you can Pounce on him.

Bindleblast can do a lot of damage to you from a distance. It’s a slow moving projectIle, so when you hear the ult-callout, try to identify Marquis’ position and make sure he’s not aiming for you.

In general, try to Pounce close to him. His low health means Marquis will die very quickly when you attack him. Try to avoid line of sight, as he can put some hurt on you if can (which he will) hit you.

Oscar Mike

How you perform against Oscar Mike mostly depends on how he’s being played. I generally see two types of Mikes: long range Mike, and flanker Mike.

Long range Mike plays like any other sniper, but he has a decent escape and can do some serious burst with his skills. Fight him like you would fight Marquis: get close, body block his escape. His moderate health and low movement speed make him a relatively easy target, but he’ll be able to put out some serious damage on you with his AR. At level 10, his Concussive Strike helix is absolutely devastating for you. Being slowed while in an air strike is a death sentence. His Impact Fragcendiery Grenade is pretty hard to avoid, since it instantly detonates. Run away from the napalm as soon as you hear the signature “FUH-PEW” sound it makes when igniting. A long range Mike is much more dangerous to you than a flanker Mike.

Flanker Mike likes to get in close so he can land some easy shots before cloaking away. Thankfully, he’s not too hard to spot while cloaked, and thus it’s not impossible to Pounce him while he’s trying to sneak away. The slow effect on him makes it even easier to spot him… and therefore it’s easier to kill him. It you’re having trouble with a speedy Oscar Mike, try using a fully charged ultimate on him to lock him in place while doing some serious damage.

Try to get close to Mike, and also try to get behind him so you can body block him. If Mike chooses to come to you, he made a grave mistake. Be wary of his Airstrike and grenades.


Like the other Eldrid, Attikus can do some serious damage to Alani. Low health, slow movement speed, heavy reliance on healing and regeneration, and easy crits means that she will crumble from your charged hooks and insane DPS.

However, Alani has lots of CC to dish out. The push back (and eventually the slow) on her Riptide, and the knock-up+stun on her Geyser are deadly. Because you are so big, it’s easier for her to land her Geysers on you. If you hear the “ding-a-ling” sound that Geyser makes when she casts it, try to find it and avoid it. Don’t try to Pounce away from Geyser, as it’s very likely you’ll get bubbled mid-Pounce.

When you first engage her, activate Hedronic Arc so she won’t get healed quite as much when she inevitably heals herself. It can be intimidating when she fully heals herself, but remember that she has a very small health pool and you have lots of DPS and health. Even if she fully heals herself multiple times, it’s not likely she can survive your attacks or kill you before you kill her. If she tries to run, she’ll have to use Riptide to haste away or use that on mutation that gives her +30% movement speed at max Osmosis stacks. Without these, she won’t be able to outrun you if you have mobility gear on (which you hopefully should).

It’s Alani’s allies that are the real problem. If you’re fighting someone, and Alani fully heals them, you might as well run away. Alani has no trouble hitting you so she can build up Osmosis stacks, so her buddies are probably going to be topped off when you’re around. Don’t try to focus on Alani’s partner if you are all by your lonesome (even then, you should still be trying to kill Alani). Always try to kill Alani first: she isn’t exceptionally hard for you to kill when she’s alone, and your teammates will thank you.

Be wary of Geyser. If you get bubbled, you’ll probably die unless you can Pounce away as soon as you’re free.

*I haven’t played against Toby much as Attikus.

Like with all snipers, it’s rek or get rekt with Attikus… and Toby is no different. Although Toby supposedly is very strong against most melee characters, Attikus is a notable exception to the rule. Toby is infamous for stunning melee characters with his mine and killing them with repeated critical hits, but Attikus’ large health pool makes it very unlikely that he’ll die during the 2 second stun (unless Toby’s allies are also attacking you). The slow mine is actually more devastating.

Toby likes to post up where he’s out of reach of most enemies, and has good line of sight to the enemy team. This means Toby is often isolated, and a prime target for Attikus’ secret “punch you in the face until you die” fighting style. Pounce, body block, rinse and repeat.

Toby has a short dash, which can often allow him to escape from you. You can prevent this escape with clever positioning to prevent him from being able to move past you. Both you and Toby are very large, so it will be very difficult for him to move when you get near him.

Of course, try to avoid line of sight at mid to long range. Toby has the highest damage per projectile out of any character in the game, and you are the easiest target in the game. Be wary of being melted. Also, Toby’s ultimate is very powerful, so try to circle-strafe him while he’s using it or escape.


Benedict doesn’t have very much health, and he relies very strongly on being out of reach of enemy melees when he’s fighting them. Attikus has a VERY long range on his melee attacks, so he can easily attack Benedict while he’s fluttering around. You can silence Benedict to prevent him from using Liftoff, and you can slow him to keep him from triple jumping away. Shut off his mobility options, and hit him with your special move: consecutive normal punches.

Body blocking doesn’t work very well on Benedict, since he can jump over you in most environments. Rely more on your slows to keep him from moving around too much. Try to watch for when he uses Liftoff (so it’s on cooldown), and then hit him with a slow. It will be very hard for him to escape.

Be wary of rockets, as they will melt you. Clever Benedict players will stay far away from you, and avoid gliding. These are the kinds of rocket hawks you’ll have trouble with, and they are much more common in Incursion than in other modes.

Characters you should avoid









Shayne and Aurox

Whiskey Foxtrot


Characters you are indifferent to



Characters I have no data on


El Dragon


Kid Ultra

NOTE: Still working on this, I’m going to continue adding to it and editing it as I go.

EDIT: I bet you thought I was never going to finish, eh? You might be right. Added more map-specific tips. I’ll also finally put an effort into finishing this.

Added tips for Oscar Mike, Marquis, and Caldarius. Also added Overgrowth tips.

Finished “Situational Characters” list.


I’ll finish reading this later as I’m at work also… :grinning:

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I’m gonna be editing this and adding to it as I go, since I’m pretty busy and can’t finish it just one or two sittings and it’s annoying to have a draft stuck in my face forever. If you want to catch every update, let me know and I’ll @’ you every time I add something major.

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I used to be daddikus fan before they removed his hard cc. Even tho it was rly confusing it felt so good to land and stun ppl ( if you didnt send them flying in ackward directions).

These character specific tips are super helpful in general. It’s a good way to approach the game


I finished the “situational characters” list! The “characters to avoid” list will be slightly shorter and more concise, as there isn’t much to say other than “these guys will ruin your day.”