Big Daddy Atty, is he really D Tier?!

Made a video to indicate the way I run Attikus and what I feel is an amazing way to run Attikus. It isn’t a guide per say but more a game play and me explaining what I do to run an effective Attikus, and while he’s considered one of the worst characters in the game I actually have one of the best win and K/D records with him out of all my characters (pics to show if need be). I honestly feel that he does need a bit of work (25 second/67 damage cooldown really?!) but if he is one of the worse characters, he’s not far from the other battleborn. Honestly after playing him for awhile I don’t think he is.

Much love for big Daddy Atty! (Stolen from the Attikus forums)


He’s definitely gets a tough rap, but he’s a force when played right! Do you stream, shogun?

Late game he has the HP pool to literally 1v1 any melee in dah game and the damage to.


Terrible hit box
Extremely weak to Marquis
To slow
Has to be lvl 5 character rank 5 before his passive is even the slightest bit good
Hit box negatively impacts his Pounce. Makes it to easy to cancel
His only good combo is the knock up on his ulti to kill 1 person. You can movement skill out of it

Attikus isn’t D tier.

Attikus is a C at best. Everyone just says that because every other Attikus player online plays like Montana. They rush into enemy territory underpowered and with no support whatsoever and get creamed.

Yes, it’s true Attikus needs Charge Efficency and it’s sad that it’s a mutation than a normal upgrade, but it helps signifigantly.

A good Attikus has to play extremely paitent and wait for those openings to wreck havoc.

I have just recently mastered Attikus too. He’s a decent character, but definitely not the strongest. He needs a few buffs here and there. All i have to say is to always pick Tenacity at lvl 3. Its the most important upgrade for him next to Charge Efficency at lvl 5.

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I find Hedronic Regeneration way better as if I’m doing mob clearing and and engages it keeps me well alive. 350 hp every 10 seconds is great and if I need to use my full charges with hedronic arc it’s during assasination or bot clear so I get the right back. The mutation help you use your full charges more often, but it doesn’t matter if you are at full if you cannot stay alive.

I do hope in future they give you the option to use full charges or not, just like bodlur has the option to use his runic powers or not. But that’s just a dream I guess.

Exactly !!!

He was the first I mastered and the main idea in order to win is to wait the good time. Always. And when you re charged, mayhem begin !

He’s a great character, but he’s gotta be played correctly or he’s terrible.

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Attikus can cheese on that Meltdown map with Pounce other than that… You can’t do that on the other gamemodes. Just like how Benedict can benefit from Meltdown maps but he isn’t a big contributor.

Overall in every PVP game mode Attikus is trash bottom F Tier Battleborn.

Honestly, he’s probably better than C tier, more likely B. More aptly described as C tier early game, but A tier late game.

As you said, most players just play him improperly. The issue is that he is highly reliant on a team comp built around him and is weak in the early game, but is dominant late game.

He gets a power spike at level 4 with movement speeds, but by the time he’s level 7 to get his attack speed upgrade, he’s one of the best melees in the game.

His pounce even then is wonky with the collision since who knows where they will get flung (they may change their body just a slight centimeter and BAM complete different direction). Marquis isn’t the only one that ■■■■■ on him, any body with a ranged hitscan or fast projectile can put immense pressure on him before he can act as well as burst him down and simple out running him is easy.

He’s D tier. Not C tier, and most certainly not B tier. Getting instantly targetted and chased to high hell when he enters lane prevents any worthwhile exp gain, along with foregoing any form of effective teamwork that can be done if he’s always low on health from getting shot by 3 different ranged characters. Sure, high hp, sure, beast at late game, with a decent mid game. And yes, his damage is great. But getting into range, and setting up anything is almost laughably ridiculous, because his leap is his survivability at low levels, a la pouncing away to survive. Otherwise, if you attempt to open up with a pounce, you’ll waste time with looking for the target that’s been knocked around in the first place. The helix system seems fun, but wasting it all on a move when trying to set up another, especially his ultimate, really just ruins it. It makes Charge Effectiveness almost completely needed. I’d like to keep playing Attikus, but he definitely needs a team built around him, with communication. He is not a solo que character you want to play as, that’s for sure, and he needs a healer glued to him until level 5. And yeah, level 5 mutation of health regain is phenomenal. If you bump up his early game a tad, and maybe a good passive buff to damage reduction or -something- that can balance him being a large target, along with reworking the wonky helix system, then he’ll start to bump up in win ratio. Just my two-to-six cents. Or a rant.

Edit: This is for Incursion, speaking.
Edit: Oh, and sprinting while charging his punch. That sounds good too. Make that his opener.

Damage reduction based on charges would be perfect, even if it was a helix upgrade would be nice. Seeing as boldur gets damage reduction on rage to help him stay on front lines then higher charges should also. Ultimately I’d like a change to cool down on pounce to maybe 15-18 seconds as its to random to get a consistent stun on it. Give him those two things and being able to do charged hook while sprinting as a helix upgrade would make him much more effective.

Also this is not a requirement persay but a request to change the release of charges as an option instead of using them every time they are full. Unlike boldur or other characters with increased passives through abilities he doesn’t have much control and in most cases can hinder his performance later in the fight (having to pounce out a situation or pounce into one).

honestly I play him as assassin in order to really do anything fun. But he definitely isn’t C teir as an assassin. You can basically wreck someone’s face during the stun period on his jump while regaining health.
The funniest though is that he is somehow ranked lower than shayne and aurox.

He basically can’t exist in the same map if a list of BB’s are on the other team.
He doesn’t get countered. he gets COUNTERED. Can’t do anything and gets ■■■■ on if he tries to even play safe. He can function otherwise but he needs his lore legendary ad mutations so 3 hills you have ot climb :smiley:.

S&A at least is less hard countered then Attickus and she os okay even if many other BB"s do her niche better as a dispalcer, cc, assassin etc…

Oh I hate to play attikus on incursion but on meltdown he is really good because you can pounce easier from other directions and body block. He is an assasin that has a large health pool but needs momentum, atleastz when I play him.

Lore legendary is only a “requirement” in that it used to be the most easily acquired gear piece that would give him a slow effect without having to use a Pounce initiation.

With the new boss legendary drop rates, his lore legendary is unnecessary.

Boots of the Brute are better. They also don’t take up his gauntlet slot so he can take a better damage boosting legendary instead of his lore one, like Vow of Vengeance.

I also don’t find any of his mutations to be crucial to his performance. Charge Efficiency is overrated. Invigorating Pounce is nice but he can survive without it. Same goes for Greased Lightning. Skull Crusher and Payback Time are non-choices.

I’m curious to see what Battleborn constitute the list you’re speaking of.

I mixed up the helixes for Attickus but Charge Efficiency is still pretty needed because you aren’t so bound to being restricte

Also the list includes any guy with long ranged hitscan or fast projectiles or anything that works more effective with big hitboxes.

While I would agree Charge Efficiency is probably the strongest mutation on that helix tier, I don’t think it’s absolutely needed.

His ultimate is truly the only skill that needs a full charge, while the others have really lack luster bonus effects with a full charge.

Charge Efficiency helps him to be ready to get a full charge when he needs it, but it can still be attained without it.

Losing the ability to get a full five stacks with a kill can be counter productive at times after dying, so there still is a trade off.

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After spending a lot of time playing this character since my last post. I have concluded:


He sits somewhere right around low B tier. He’s placed here because:

  1. Too support reliant (AKA he needs a pocket miko), you could possibly get away with a double support like Reyna/Alani.

  2. Marquis destroys him worse than Montana or Kleese.

  3. He will be D Tier once the new anti heals are released.

Once you have the character lvl 9 mutation only Phoebe stands a chance of out dpsing him late game. Even then I’m pretty sure its close. Once you get that mutation everyone takes right around 200+150~+160 with his RB skill activated (Hedronic arc). He gets up to 2.5 attacks a second so you can see where this is going. Also you can proc it what 4 times instead of 2, so Arc can do 640 to a person. It also burns through blocking shield like Galilea’s. No character in the game besides bolder can take that beating. He also gets a 30% movement speed boost for landing a hit with Arc.

Here’s where the death of Attikus ever being useful is going to come from:


This character relies heavily on being healed or healing himself. Once these changes go through he’s done. If they never change his hit box or how big he is, he will never be good.

Frankly, it is going to be bad for every melee in the game, period, because of their relance on being healed to actually kill people.