Big Draw or Stealth Scrap

Which one do you prefer and why? Currently using Stealth Scrap because the master baits are fun.

Stealth Scrap. Big Draw is a crutch and you can’t put a price on free 2 second stuns the enemies just walk into.

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Stealth scrap, most people will destroy your traps if they see them. The Hook(s) could be used to aid in hitting your target, so i find Big Draw less useful. Also I love kiting enemies who think they can chase and finish me off, just to have it backfire and kill them by running them straight into a trap they cant see.


Stealth scrap, is there is a team of mostly agile small heroes then the big draw if you need it

Big draw.

People are constantly dancing around and the chain has travel time. Any little bit helps.

Stealth traps are good for escape routes, or blocking stealthers coming in. But not as beneficially if you’re more about being aggressive with snatch and grab combo.

If I’m tossing out a trap for the combo I’m about to attempt, it’s obvious it’s out there stealth or not.

If I’m being chased and I throw it down, the fact that they’ll see it and then stop to swerve to avoid it is usually enough.

I know it’s the less popular choice, but I like it.


i’ll put it to you this way. Using stealth traps implies that the person won’t see them. This isn’t really the point of Ghalt. He’s supposed to hook people into them. So, having them invisible doesn’t really help, unless someone accidently runs into them. This scenario only helps if someone is around to hit them while he’s stunned and that’s not how that usually goes. You gain far more with increased hook grabs than you do with an invisible trap. Most of the time, people are stupid enough to run into them anyhow because there is so much crap going on during a PVP game to notice.


Big draw is a noob crutch because it makes the chain bigger which can snatch onto the wrong objects at times and Steam Scraps offer much more. Stealth scraps still off cc and restrict enemy movement Even if they think they know a scrap mine is there. The time it takes to see a stealth mine and destroy it or avoid it takes 1-2 seconds to do. Hell just nearly stumbling upon it and missing it can set a chase back and there’s many places that you can put them in to make range detection upclose unfeasible or risky. It basically lets you restrict movement or force potentially bad decisions to deal with them.

There’s a reason he’s like top 4 in this game and this is one of many MANY reasons.


The stealth traps are actually completely useless, except for in PvE where the stealth keeps them from being aggro’d.

In PvP, the traps are easy to spot. About as easy to spot as an uncloaked trap. Especially because they have a flashing red circle around them at all times. I never go with the stealth traps.

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Agrees, they’re very noticeable