Big Extraction problems for HW2 RM Mod

So–My friends are gundam fans ( and Im a fanatic) and we were looking at playing homeworld 2 with the gundam UC and Seed mods. Ive successfully extracted, modified, and privately posted the Gundam UC mod (Since the creators removed it from the workshop). It works, better than expected even.

Now I want to edit the Gundam Seed mod and have a privately uploaded copy of it with the end goal of making the Duel Gundam Unit in it not have such high health and regen that its essentially Invincible, and fix the research for a faction that keeps you from building their “Ultimate Tech unit” (Nukes…Its nukes).

The problem I am encountering is I can’t extract the files! The Archive tool fails (And Ill post a picture), UNFbig dies, and Spookyrat2.0 keeps dying when I ask it to do literally anything (Although I wonder if its a Win 11 Thing…)

Can someone provide Guidance on how to proceed?

TLDR: All I need at the moment is the extracted files from the Gundam Seed mod, Archive.exe doesn’t work and I can’t get Spookyrat to run anything

My Journey Thus Far:
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Can’t Extract files from Troublesome BIG File: Big Extraction problems for HW2 RM Mod

I resolved this by Installing Virtual Box and setting up a Windows XP 32 Bit install with SP3, then installing Visual Basic Runtime defined in the Spookyrat Readme, then registering the files it asked for, then extracting all the data with Spookyrat 2.


Thank you for providing the solution you found.