BIG Giveaway at Sanctuary [DELETED]

Hello guys and girls !!

Time to free some space in my Bank !

On Sunday March 1st, from 09 am to 02 pm CET, I’ll give away 200+ lvl50 gear I just can’t delete :sweat_smile: without giving a chance to leveling VH to grab !

You can have an idea of the loot here

They are a lot more weapons and shields, anointed or not, and all will vanish at 02pm, March 1st.

So please, just PM me on Psn (same as my nickname), jump in Sanctuary with me, and take all what you want !

Nothing asked in return !

Have fun, see you on Sunday !



“Nothing asked in return!”

That may be, but please accept a ‘like’ for your generosity, and “happy hunting” to those that take you up on your offer (I’m on Xbox so no good for me unfortunately)!


Thank you so much for your kind words :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I consider all Vault Hunters as bro and sis and I’m more than happy to share my loot with all of them ! :wink:

Speaking of that, I should say that obviously there is no dupe in my Bank, and I do not want to use that kind of stuff :sweat_smile:

I just finished to clear my VH’s walls and check my Bank : about 250 pieces of gear to grab on Sunday !

See you then !

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You are amazing thanks! Just added you on PSN!

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Day - 5 before giveaway !

Day - 4 before giveaway !

Day -3

Let’s give you some info :
from Sunday 9am CET, you just have to send me a fr or pm on Psn so I can add/invite you in my Sanctuary.
You’ll find there 250+ Legendaries (lvl 49-53) to choose and pick as you wish :wink:
No need to give me anything in return :sweat_smile:
Just please be fair and nice with other players in game, and try to make your shopping as fast a you can in order to let other players come in game after you.
End of Giveaway Sunday 02 pm CET.
All gear still on the ground will be deleted.
No dupe in there.

See you Sunday !

Guys, see you soon ! approx 10h from now !


Send me a pm or fr and let’s do this !

Moxxi heard some interesting noises I guess…