Big head mode ruins another boss, when will Gearbox ever learn to test anything ever?

So remember how some bosses used to drop loot off the stage with big head mode? Yea, well they’ve topped that now you can’t even get past the last boss to get into the next bonus area if he has big head mode. Clearly a KNOWN problem previous should have warranted some testing yea? On the final boss of your dlc??? LMFAO quality control.


Aim later…

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Sadly, and for the finale dlc too… they really just banked on nostalgia and some feels. It didn’t work IMHO. Not even a little bit.


“are you insane, no worries just make up a hot chick and a house in your head than live happily ever after”

I don’t know how people play with Galaxy brain, something about giant heads is just extremely offputting to me lol


I play with it because it just so happened to roll with the least obnoxious other modifiers I can stand putting up with on M10 :confused: If I could JUST trade it with something else I would, especially considering how game breaking it is and GB not doing anything about it. Alas tho GB in all their wisdom just chose to let us “reroll” RNG, but RNG is still RNG and thus annoying by its very nature…