Big issue with enemy scaling

I’m on my first playthrough on PC and I’ve been playing with a friend who is exactly the same level because we do all the same stuff. But for some reason enemy scaling is way of and just lags behind making the game way too easy and boring.
When I was above level 30 some zones stayed level 26 even though it was part of main mission. Now that I’m level 42 enemies are stuck in level 35-36. Even when doing the main mission in Cathedral of the twin gods and Great Vault all the enemies are stuck nearly 10 levels behind. There is no enemy upscaling option or harder difficulty in the settings and its super boring when everything you see it single shot kill except some bosses who have the immune before you can finish them off.

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Enemies in normal mode dont scale until you finish the main story, once you unlock tvhm and mayhem everything will scale to your level.


The best way is doing only Story missions then for most part of the game all* enemies will be scaled to around your level.

*there is still some underleveled section once you come back to Pandora, but it should be fixed once you enter Guts of Carnivora

I really don’t have time or interest to play the game many times in order to make it challenging and enjoyable for me. Simple fix would be adding a enemy upscaling option like many other rpg game have or just making the tvhm and mayhem mode available from the start.

They should scale to the level of the group leader. It says so in the description of the Normal game mode.

I was actually pretty happy with the level scaling in this one. In NVHM for Bl2 the cap was 35. But, I get what you’re saying. I do kinda wish there was no NVHM, TVHM, UVHM, and so on and character/ missions scaled with your current level. It gets pretty time consuming playing through the entire story 3 times or more with 4 (or 6) characters in order to level up/ get the missions and challenges to match your level. Instead of having to play the entire story again in order to level up, you have the option to reset missions after completing the main story. For those looking for more of a challenge, and better gear, then you can always switch it to mayham 1, 2, 3.