Big issue with moze and ib needs to be adressed

Why do yall think its 100%ok to let her exit iron bear and insta die??? Like who approved this and who is over looking moze lol. I know moze players have complained about this since like day 1. There is no reason this cant be done. I should be immune for atleast a second and a half so I dont either get kicked out or pop out right where enemies through gernade or wotan/mini wotan mobs drop a rocket barrage. It’s just garbage design fix this asap


I think Moze is simply not cared about and/or forgotten. Underpowered compared to other VH’s, lack of health/healing ability compared to other VH’s, an action skill that takes far too long to activate/end compared to other VH’s, and anoints that provide 1/2 the damage multiplier of other VH anoints.

The splash one and fire for next 2 rounds is pretty good actually imo. But the fire rate and crit one needs a major increase. One of moses biggest issues is pretty much being sorta weak when it comes to non flesh enemies. She does legit too much fire dmg so if they atleast make the fire rate and crit annoint increased to 30%FR and 50%crit that would be nice. Her forced feedback skill honestly needs to activate in crits or make it so crit kills give u like 5k shield. Also tenacious defense and stop gap shields needs to activate without u having atleast 50%health so deathless builds with that skill would be really solid.
She could be better when lvl cap is increased but so will literally everyone else.
There are so many slight changes that could be made without maki g her busted like torgue Cross promotion making a attack do double splash or just more splash when it activates. Theres no real reason to just increase blast size and that be it lol

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Moses delivered the 10 commandments; he suffers not against thy fleshy enemies.

Definitely. This would be super fair. Everytime I see that annoint, I think to myself how cool it would be if it was just a tad better…heck even just to the Crit to 30% would go a long ways towards offering Moze access ti another multiplier(along with Scorching).

Yes sir, yes siree! Force Feed and Tenacious D both need serious love. Them some very lacking skills.

For sure a disappointing skill. Should just make it +Splash Damage or even +Grenade Damage.

Gearbox, love Moze long time, long time!!

From what I’ve seen, and played. Her biggest issue is that she is more powerful outside of Iron bear than in it.


Yea sadly there isnt a single iron bear build that is better than one when she is out of it. Especially because of the longest CD ever and her CD skills honestly not even being that strong there is a thread on it and yea at best you are out of it for 30 seconds and of your build is purely focused on IB ur ■■■■■■. The other issue is you literally have to choose do I run bear or do I run moze you cant do both and that’s just poopy

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They have not fixed the Stainless Steel Bear bug that screws with cooldown. It makes me sad because it causes difficulty for trying to trigger shield annointment that boosts Iron Bear health.

I actually run an all Iron Bear build, it is not that bad. It can get through M4 slaughter shaft. Probably not nearly as fast as anyone else… but you know, it is my underpowered build and I am proud of it :sob:

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Yea I feel ya. Just feels like a cooldown based build should be MUCH stronger lol

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IB biggest problem is that it doesn’t scale with annointments AT ALL. Mayhem 4 is all about this.
I find IB really strong compared to a non annointed char but compared to full annointed it’s just too weak.
Full random annointments are just not fun for me. Amara for example works with so many of them while moze just needs very specific ones since she can’t trigger the basic ones often enough thanks to the enormous ib cd.
What if annointments trigger twice? While entering ib and on exit. That would solve some of the scaling issues.

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I’ve been playing Moze for the past week or so.

"Another day, another crash . . . " is the message I sent along with the crash reports.

Three straight days of frame drops and crashes. No explanation. Playing as FL4K didn’t produce this level of trouble at all. The “Yikes, it’s an inferno” experience when hitting the action skill lets me know too late that I had a fire DoT on me.

I used to like Moze, but I’m giving up on her for now.

BL3 is intermittently a blast, then a hot mess.

Anyway, I needed to vent. Thanks all, for being there.


Yea one of her bug issues is literally no annointment works for bear. Hopefully they realise this and next patch gives her these things and soon

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Thanks for sharing. I totally agree with the Borderlands is hot/cold comment.

It just needs a few things damnit! So close. And they need to get those performance optimizations pushed thru, especially on consoles!!

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