Big mistake and lost characters

I was trying to free up space on my Xbox 360 and have the game of the year collection.
I had 2 characters in my storage that showed
Character name and storage used. And
Character name and backed up and storage used .
I kept the 2 that say backed up and deleted the other 2 that weren’t.
Can a I retrieve the characters and how?

You could try restarting the game and seeing it it “recovers” the backups. They were added by GBX as an attempt to deal with corrupted - not missing - save files though, so I don’t know if that would be successful. Other than that, unless you’d made copies of the files on a USB drive, you’re out of luck.

I restarted the game with no change.
Had 3 characters and now just one .
In settings it shows my missing characters as Back Up.

Then I’m sorry but, unless you had made your own backups on a USB, you’re out of luck. Were the characters particularly high level?

One medium level and one level 61 and had most all of the best legendaries.
What I don’t understand is why in my system storage it shows a character with storage amount and then below that the same character as back up with same storage amount.
What is the backup character for ??

There was an issue with save data getting corrupted. As part of an attempt to address this issue, GBX built in a periodic backup file. This gets updated whenever you switch character or story mode (there may be other triggers too). If the game runs into an error while reading the main save, it’s supposed to try the backup one instead.

The backup file has an option to move it.
I’m assuming that if it was loaded onto a flash drive and reinstalled I would still not be able to access character.

Unfortunately, no. A few folks have reported on the inability of the player to use the backup file as a replacement for an accidentally deleted save (from experience). It’s one of the reasons I took to making copies of all my saves on USB.

Lesson learned.
At least I still have a Lvl 61 character with left over stuff and some over and under Lvl 50 gear to help with a new build stashed.
If I could ask one more question , what size flash drive would you recommend ?
And thanks for the help

The one I got specifically for this was around 16 GB I think? Just one of the standard USB key ones. There’s a limit on the upper size imposed by the 360’s file system. If you search the support pages, there’s one specifically on USB drives/keys for external storage on 360.

You’ll want to fire up the 360, sign in to your profile, then insert the key. First time, go into System > Storage and find the USB device, then format it. This will create an encrypted partition tied to your profile. You can then copy your saves to it (I usually copy the backups too.) Make sure you use Copy not Move, and be careful if there are other users on the system that you only copy files associated with your GT.

Once you’re done, back out of the system menu then pull out the USB key before you either launch the game or sign out. NEVER leave the key in the 360, and make sure that you’re fully signed in to your GT account before you insert or remove it.

Thank you from an old disabled gamer
Have fun :smile:

If you want some gear to help out while levelling some new characters up, let me know. I have a bunch of saves on 360 with gear I’m not using any more (I’ve pretty much migrated to XB1, I just keep them on the 360 as extra backups.)

Thank you ,but I don’t have internet access .
Very nice of you to offer.
I went to The Leviathan and got some gear and will be farming for the Bee today and so on…
Will have to do a new play through to get Moxie’s Heart Breaker and the Slagga.
I can farm the Maggie with the current character.
Will be missing the Critical Conference Call and Infinity. ( after farming like crazy from their normal drop locations I got them in the Treasure Room at the Leviathan )