BIG News on Twitter

Did not see this here, sorry if i Missed it:
This past week during the Borderlands’ Anniversary Event, specific Mayhem modifiers with weapon penalties were reduced and there was an increased chance for Anointed gear to drop. We’ve been listening and will not be reverting them back to their previous values tomorrow!


That’s awesome. Can someone fill me in on the modifiers change? What was different about this?

It sounds like from that tweet that

  • Weapon penalties were reduced (A good thing for us as players)

  • Increased chance for Annointed Gear to drop (also a good thing for us as players)

  • Now they are reverting back to previous values (bad for us)

Am I reading that right or wrong??

I think they meant that the penalty redutions will stay.

[Gearbox Official
The drop rate for Anointed weapons will stay where it is after the Anniversary event (which was brought up durign the event), and specific modifiers that penalized weapons will continue to have a reduced chance to show up.

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Ahhh cool cool. Thanks man.

It is worded quite confusingly but as mentioned the Anointed Drop Rate will be being reduced at the end of the weekly event, so Thursday and the Mayhem Modifier changes will remain permanently.

Good news!
They’ve diluted the anointed lootpools so much with the Terror anointments, People would be livid had they returned back to normal

Unless I’m reading this wrong or them wrong this isn’t true?

“The drop rate for annointed will stay where it is after the event.”

I’m reading this as nothing is changing to annointed drop rate after the event I.E. the changes from this week in that department stay.

if someone still complains after this, i don’t know what anymore.


Doing one thing right doesn’t mean there’s suddenly nothing worth complaining about

So Gearbox pulled a D3 it sounds like. That’s exactly what I was hoping for to be honest though!

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I love this.

There has been no better way for the game to get me to use weapons I wouldn’t normally than making it easier to get anointments. I’ll get a gun or shield or grenade I would never use but that annointment… man, it’s just too perfect. This is probably one of the smartest moves they could make in order to improve build diversity. I really hope this also means that more annointments are coming soon, too!

The modifier changes are nice too! I can live with 5% bullet reflect, even if I still don’t conceptually like the modifier.

How much you wanna bet you see 30% bullet reflect show up in Mayhem 4? :rofl: