Big problem with the beastmasters pets

First off the pets they make way too much noise it is really annoying to listen to those pets make those weird noises every 10 seconds. it’s a little bit repetitive and it’s making me change character because it’s so annoying. and then needs to be some type of command on holding your pets back cuz my patch just jump out right away and start shooting everyone and then my cover is blown. even if it’s something simple like he doesn’t shoot until I at least start shooting the first shot. please people get this out there so they can change this and fix it I really like that character.

I can kick the pets a** all the way. It runs around me disturbs my actions and is more than anoying with his noises. I don´t need a pet, which I can touch for munition. The ammount I got is a joke. Found more in open world in the boxes. This is a looter shooter not a RPG game. Pet should stay behind me in conversations. Damage?! Would I play without I would not notice it its not there. Ok, it can revive me. Done!!

I’m using the Spiderant. It will randomly teleport to you, and if you’re near a barrel when it does this it’ll explode the barrel and cause you damage.