Big, slow and the lowest HP in the cast. (Unbalanced?)

Dont get me wrong I love this guy but his survavibility makes it almost impossible to play against skilled enemies, if any of the two enemies target you, you are most likely dead within 2 seconds. His really low movement speed makes it impossible to escape from anyone. Ive lost count on how many times I have been blocked by minions or other players because of clusmy slow movement and big size.

Also it would be really f****n nice if other players would notice KLEESE’s CHAIR CAN HEAL NEARBY TEAMATES, i see guys on level 60 teleporting to base right next to me. Not to mention most of the pug dont even bother protecting me as Kleese which makes me even less useful. I believe a reduce in his size would make perfect sense as he is so easy to kill, honestly after leveling him up to level 12 I realised how easy he is to kill, everytime I play with other characters hes always first to go down.


Kleese can definitely be annoying to play with bad players, but the same is true for most supports. Supporting dummies is just frustrating. But when you get some people that actually know how to play as a team, kleese can be a great support.

When playing with bad solo queue players, it can sometimes be most effective to hang back. Use kleese as a safety net to keep the enemy from pushing in on you, rather than trying to lead a push out. When kleese is caught out of position, he is a sitting duck. In solo queue u can’t really expect your team to help you out there, so just play a safe defense and hope your team can find a way to go on the offensive at some point.

Honestly I very rarely use Kleese unless there’s a Montana in the group that I’ve communicated with at some time. In which case the two of us will anchor the lane easily and pull off very respectable kills together. Otherwise it’s just not worth it. Pairs up incredibly well with another non-miko healer too, like Alani or Reyna (overcharged mortars onto slowed priority targets = easy kills, while Reyna saves people in the fight so they can come back to you for full healing)

Personally Kleese and Boldur are my two characters that most feel like people don’t really understand how to play alongside them effectively. This from someone who has put at least half a dozen levels in to every character.

He doesnt rwally need any changes i play with a mic to communicate and i usually dont die much playstyle could be a big part though

Kleese is a late game support, you really shouldn’t be getting body blocked as you should be on the back line tagging minions with Energy Rifts and laying down support for your team not charging in front of them.

But yes, he is easily killed particularly by snipers. Enemy sniper means bye-bye Kleese and every time I use Kleese there’s a damn enemy sniper >.< I never use him unless I’m in a premade, I know what you mean about pugs not defending you and ignoring heal chair…

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Kleese is in the top 2-3 characters that I play, however he does have some problems. His damage and utility are fine, my biggest problem is his size. He barely fits through doors, and can be snagged on all kinds of terrain and minions/players way to easily. But the biggest issue is he is way to easy to snipe at. A bit ball floating in the air is way to easy to hit comparted to the small and slender hitboxes of the other support options. I have been saying this since launch but he needs 1 of 3 options done to him

  1. Graphical re design to make him smaller
  2. Take reduced damage when hit in the chair vs hit in the body
  3. Just given more HP/Shield to compensate
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Excellent idea. I can deal with his size and low health, I understand why he’s built that way, but it makes perfect sense that his chair should take less damage. Perhaps make it so his chair takes shield damage while his body takes health damage? Or your idea is just as good. Snipers are the bane of Kleese, gunners can be an issue too particularly OM who likes to cloak behind enemy lines and kill Kleese. A good player can identify the threat Kleese poses, but a good team will keep him protected and alive.

Man, Everything you just described is you being out of position…

Kleese is a zone controlling support. You stay back, build a rift network and throw a few rifts/mortars into the fight to help out… If you’re getting body blocked or needing protection then you’re out of position. The enemy team should be needing to go through your entire team and a rift network to get to you.

Kleese has ridiculously high shields and low health… Which makes him almost impossible to crit most of the time. Yes he has a large hit box but unlike most characters with one, yours shouldn’t be out in the middle of team fights.

And just because some players don’t understand how to heal off of you does not indicate a problem with the character.


Dude just because it says hes territorial doesnt mean you always sit by the sentry, every match, every enemy is different, you gotta me versatile to beat premade teams. Destroying mercenaries, flanking enemies, supporting your allies. In order to do that Klesse cant just sit at the back all the time, you gotta find balance between those two (staying back or risk it to help your allies push the lines) otherwise you become less useful to your team. Also it easy to say “you have been caught out of the positions”. quick exmaples when on Overgrowth players are flanking you from the tunnel it really takes 2-3 seconds before you are dead, not matter what you do you gotta be extra careful with Klesse, whereas in other classes you can escape from most situations. Honestly I thought he was so OP until Ive started playing against players that knew what they were doing.

Everything you talked about makes a lot of sense but I believe it doesnt work in most matches, you cant just assume every fight would go as planned, if your teams is really organised then you dont notice that many Kleese’s flaws.

I think the bigger issue is his huge, solid hitbox. He’s pretty much impossible to miss lol.

For example, all other characters can turn at the last second and your shot will wiz past their leg instead or something, but not Kleese: if he turns, his hitbox does not move or change lol.

Marquises always have a f*cking FIELD DAY when I play him ffs - I mean, HOW CAN YOU MISS HIM lmao?

Also, all the other gigantic characters have a “Oops I just pood my pants, let’s GTFO” ability to compensate for their absurdly huge hitboxes except for Kleese…

2nd idea is exactly what klesse needs!

If you set up a good build with kleese and don’t dip into your bloodlust for others, he’s really frickin hard to kill(I have ss of about 8000+ damage taken from enemies in 19sec because of the rifts ) he’s a stationary character that protect the base and secure lanes.

Ah, Kleese is good if ya know how to use him. He don’t wanna be on the front lines. He wants to be in the background. With his cupholders. Drinkin’ two big gulps of Ensure at the same time. Throwin’ shield support an’ stuff at yer allies. Throwin’ energy rifts an’ black holes at big groups of minions.

Don’t be usin’ him for flying… that’s my… Benedict’s job. Don’t be usin’ him on the front lines, get behind some minions or teammates. Don’t use him out in the open, make sure you can duck an’ cover.

AWWWW… y’all see what I did there? DUCK and cover. Awesome… I’m having that engraved on ALL my rockets… it’s a warnin’ as to what the other team should be doin’ when I fly over all majestic-like with my Boomsday… and oh… yeah… Kleese…

Yeah. As for that last part… uh… just talk to yer team. Take a lesson from old Benedict. The team ALWAYS knows what’s on my… his mind. Whether they want to or not. Let ‘em know what yer doin’.

Hitbox is way too big and like Attickus is 10-0 matchup with long range hitscan bb’s or any longrange projectile to a horrible unfun degree

But Kleese is powerful. Played with some uk friends last week (i hope it was ps4, because then i have it recorded on my cpu somewhere) and one of them tried Kleese for the first time and wrecked the other team’s face. Like, kleese was the mvp. most damage dealt, kills, everything.

Its not like we were a bad team either (cant remember other team though), or didnt have people playing dps. i was isic (one of the reasons they picked kleese was so we could get the lore going) and kleese made me look like a pansy just trying to make sure i didnt get flanked and checking all my bases and such before pushing physically ahead.
Tasers ftw.

lol did they even try to take kleese down, zone him or havea sniper?

Imo kleese can kill quite a lot of character easily and escape with little damage due to rifts and especially so with 3 rifts (or 4) linked together. His shield recharge faster than they can take it down. Beyond level 7 or 8 with the rift pulse at 2s and 4 rifts, even a sentry can’t take you down.

Kleese is meant to play as a zoner.

Taking all those into account, he doesn’t really have a counter (except hard cc and teamwork but then these also kill off every other character) until we talk about ranged characters.
Problem about this game is we don’t know what our opponent picks. If you have an enemy team with marquis thorn Oscar and maybe add in a whiskey for good measure, you’re guarantee dead.

Snipers are technically a counter to kleese unstoppable rift network. They have to put him down fast and good and prevent him from leveling. Beyond a certain level, he’s nigh impossible to take down even 3v1 of his rift network is near and impossible to hit (I’ve a personal secret technique with overgrowth 2nd sentry where I can solo 3v1 easily or solo 1 v sentry while it’s constantly hitting me and still get shields easily)

Though all in all I still agree he’s too damn fat. They should at the very least make his chair “pass through able”. Many a times I want to go somewhere and my teammate stands there to shoot and I end up getting both of is just stuck. I can’t move and my fat ass blocks him from shooting.

My suggestion is to not make his chair a solid object. So only kleese stick body is the solid object. He still gets damaged from shots to the chair but at least he doesn’t get stuck on terrain or body blocks everyone and himself while moving around.

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So I’ve neen playing Kleese hard the last three days and now I think if he didn’t have such a large hitbox he’d be a disaster to fight against… Any enemy with a gun is a hard counter to Kleese and if you’re standing outside of your rift network Phoebe will kill you in seconds, but he’s extremely combat capable and is an oddly good counter to Thorn and Mellka, and after 50 matches I’m yet to be beaten by El Dragon in a 1v1. I have some videos including a huge comeback on Meltdown and two triple kills, I’ll be uploading them in the coming days with a proposed build guide in the near future.

I’ve stated before that I use The Algorithm on Advanced to test each character…
This week I started with Kleese.

So far I mastered Thorn, Deande, Ghalt, Oscar Mike, Benedict, Alani and Rath.
(Almost 500 hours since launch, my Steam account is linked to this profile)

For me playing Advanced as Kleese has been the hardest yet.
I got stuck on Sabo today, one of the outside pipes, just going around it to fight a Thrall.
Being dead fast happened a lot, not doing enough damage to the boss thralls was constant.

Two of us were Kleese on Sabo advanced, so the rifts were nice, that’s for sure.

Ha, as silly as it sounds I never really thought about it like that. That is is actually very true. I may have to reconsider my thoughts about his health increase. I guess the his hoover jump can be used to GTFO based on where you are on the stage but yea, most characters have some kind of dash or cloak or speed increase.

Renya doesn’t now that I think about it but that is actually in the minority. She definitely needs a buff. It would be great if her plasma shots had that are explosion mutation naturally. Oh well, I’m off topic.