Big, slow and the lowest HP in the cast. (Unbalanced?)

(Ulithium_Dragon) #21

Except his hover jump is completely uncontrollable. You are locked into the direction you chose to jump into for the same amount of time and distance every time you use it, and you cannot end it early.

This makes it not very helpful in situations where you are in an enclosed space. Additionally, it’s not very fast - not even 2x normal speed. It also drains his energy, which decreases his survivability further.

Also in making his Energy Rifts not cause collision, they removed one of the only ways for him to get away imo - blocking an enemy with them.

(YourVillain) #22

Well I wasn’t saying it was a great way to escape but it definitely allows you access to areas most characters can’t reach. Especially on monument, you almost have to build your defense on keeping track of kleese at all times BC he can easily cause a major problem very quickly if left unchecked.

Also chair slam can be used to cancel the hoover at the cost of energy… probably not the best idea but it is an option.

(Mizzoutx) #23

Bro Kleese can 1v1 70 percent of characters as is he doesn’t need to be smaller plus that would look weird lol

(YourVillain) #24

Who are you responding to. The little icon isn’t on there

(Ulithium_Dragon) #25

Someone necro’d a one month old thread - I have no idea who he’s replying to! XD

Also regardless of his mobility, I’d just like to once again point out that his solid hitbox makes him almost impossible to miss. All other characters have limbs and crap that make their hitboxes “humanoidly shaped”, but Kleese’s hitbox is a SPHERE.
This means he can turn around, move, jump, etc. and his hitbox’s shape does not change. For every other character, just TURNING is enough to screw up someone’s shot. Marquis’ have a f*cking field day whenever I try to play Kleese in PvP - I mean, how could they miss hitting him lmfao? :]