Big spoilers don't read unless you finished the game. (Or if you just don't care)

So i’ve decided to make this post simply to see if others agree with me or if i’ve simply just outgrown the game or something.

But let’s get started.
I’m just gonna name some things i think are good and bad about the game, i did have kind of high expectations for the game seeing as i loved borderlands 2.

Let’s start with the pros.


  • It’s a borderlands game so i mean it’s fun to just loot and ■■■■ stuff.

  • Alternate gun mode is (sometimes) very useful and a fun new mechanic.

  • Maps are more open world than they were in the previous game and exploration is encouraged by placing challenges all around the map.

  • The Vault Hunter designs are actually kind of sleek, i’m mentioning this simply because the gunzerker from last game. He looked awful.

  • Abilities seem to have more than one use. ( i used the gunner and sometimes whenever my shield was depleted i’d get in and out of my mech to regen it but still have my mech fight for me this was pretty useful seeing as it was perfect cover.)

  • The earlier areas have quite a few fun side quests.

  • The gun’s look a lot nicer and on some u can see the trinket pretty well making it a bit more personalized mostly with the addition of weapon skins.

That’s about all i can think of for pros as of rn.


  • Driving any vechicle is ■■■■■■■ abominable .

  • The minimap is awful and scrolling/moving it is also ■■■■■■■ terrible.

  • The weird climb mechanic can be used to skip certain things but it sometimes completely bugs a mission or gets you stuck, also having to do parkour ■■■■ is very very annoying sometimes seeing as this feature doesn’t always want to work and for some reason you can’t climb on rocks but sometimes you can, it’s just confusing. Either let us climb on all the rocks or none because there are still ways to skip stuff without climbing on rocks it just gets confusing.

  • 100% an area is nearly impossible there have been a few areas where i’m somehow missing a challenge yet i have walked across the entire map and not seen a green icon for the challenge anywhere neither did i find it, although i have FULLY explored the map, i’ve even walked outside of bounds getting killed 5 times in a row by turrets simply because i thought the challenge might have been there, pro tip it wasn’t.

  • Weapon description/comparing weapons is alot worse than the last game.

  • The inventory is ■■■■■■■ confusing and the ability to favorite/junk some times is useless if it doesn’t auto sell the junk.

  • Too many guns drop, way too many and for some reason it’s so hard to see skins/trinkets/decoration/heads between 30 whites and picking them up is nearly impossible because if i look at it from a slightly different angle i’m targeting something else eventhough i’m staring straight at the item.

  • Sometimes picking up items or using something is bugged and even pressing tab doesn’t wanna fix it so i have to exit the game and go back in, not very fun chief.

  • Auto picking up ammo/health from a box doesn’t always wanna work, sometimes i’l super succ something from across the map other times i open a box and i have to manually press e on something because it just takes too long for me to suck up the ammo?

  • Enemy variation is pretty bad, the first 3 worlds were very promising and you had a lot of variety but afterwards it’s just tinks and enforcerers.

  • Killing an enforcerer is a pain in the ass please stop spawning 8 of them in late game and calling it ‘‘hard’’ the only time it’s hard is when i don’t have grenades and have to shoot at their feet because they dont want to throw a grenade.

  • Ai is pretty horrible sometimes they’ll just run away , stand there taking bullets to the head, spazz out and just move left and right, hide behind cover and not even try to shoot until i’m standing next to them OR they will just be under the map or dash through a wall ( mostly the boss in the theater please fix that if anyone from gearbox reads this )

  • Later on sidequests become pretty uh… sad, i got to the final few missions took a sidequest from Tina and it took me about 2 minutes to finish it. not only was the objective extremly close but it was just really easy.

  • Difficulty in this game is nonexistent, they just spawn multiple waves in a single area later on which is really annoying because i have to kill a wave then another if i wanna clear the area, i don’t like walking ahead without killing all the mobs. either spawn a bunch of mobs in one wave or spawn some more badasses.

  • Badasses barely appeared for me in the end game for some reason either i had horrible luck or they just don’t?

  • The bosses are way too easy, they just have bigger health bars but their moves are really easy to avoid half of the time some of the bosses i was just able to kill in my mech in less than a minute ( mostly the earlier ones i killed killavolt at like level 10 with my mech in nearly an instant )

  • Gun drops are terrible, i’ve even opened the golden chest quite a few times and honestly, half the time blues end up being better than a legendary of the same level either that or your quest items are just going to be really good.

  • Skins and heads are pretty limited (i’ve barely seen any and i’ve spent nearly 1 million on the machine with a head/skin drop option) also the global heads look pretty bad on a lot of the characters, the joke heads really aren’t that great either (except for the pony and pidgeon)

  • Skill trees really aren’t that important ( for gunner mostly ) as gunner i can just go anything as long as i get lock on rockets it really doesn’t matter the incendiary damage i gain / grenades i gain from the green/blue tree are pretty useless the only thing good is action skill cooldown reduction and the last perk from the green tree.

  • Honestly this is a minor complaint but the sights in the game are just kind of wack, sometimes you get a 8x sight that just looks so cluttered that i can’t even tell what the ■■■■ i’m shooting at.

  • The game seems pretty short.

  • Secrets i’ve found have been very uh underwhelming. There’s been a few where i just get some greens while i spent quite some time trying to get to the secret.

  • Annointed weapons are probably better than the ones you can get from golden chests, i feel like you should make some golden chest weapons annointed simply because i can just spend eridium for a WAY better weapon.

  • Having to steal someone’s car then put it in the catch a ride system to unlock a new gun for a vechicle is pretty annoying i’d prefer it if we either had them all available or if we unlocked them as we progressed/did sidequests.


  • Fast travelling is kind of annoying seeing as i have to press e then hold it instead of just hovering over where i wanna go and holding e, just a minor complaint.

  • Melee damage is a joke it should at least scale a little bit ( idk if it does but i’m pretty sure i’m still dealing the same melee damage i’ve dealt at level 1 because yikes it is depressing) i’ll run out of ammo try to melee something when it has like 10-5% health left and i end up having to melee it 20 times.

  • I kind of feel like the challenges are a dumb addition but still kinda fun sometimes, some dead claptraps will be in a big base that u’ve never entered before and u get to clear it get some loot and 7k xp for finding the clappy trapper, BUT i also feel like they could’ve just made this a sidequest and done something extra, the whole challenge thing feels kinda lazy. we’re just supposed to wander around the map aimlessly looking for challenges when they nearly only pop up when we’re standing right on top of them.

  • I’m not sure if this is really a problem seeing as i’m guessing no one uses this feature but, the way the barrels are place makes it impossible for u to slide against them and launch them into an enemy, they’ll ususally collide with the wall they’re put up against and u take all the damage.

  • Using a melee to launch a barrel is a joke, half the time i just push it over and it rolls about 5 cm from it’s original position.

  • The uh jokes. are pretty bad, most of them at least. honestly the early game kind of cracked me up at times but towards the end game it just kind of got quiet and boring, i felt like i was playing advanced warfare on acid.

  • Please make us run faster it takes ages to get somewhere on foot.

  • The mech can’t fit through every doorway eventhough sometimes it looks like he should so i have to get out bla bla bla it’s just annoying really, maybe show us like where we can’t and can go with the mech because using my cooldown in a room then having to get out 30 seconds later because that’s where the quest marker is is so annoying mostly if it’s close to a bossfight.

  • Why the ■■■■ is tannis a siren, this isn’t a good plot twist i thought the whole thing about sirens were there are only a few now we got maya the twins lilith ava tannis, make everyone a siren fuckit. why not make the boring antisocial scientist a siren, it’s just kind of a yikes.
  • The story isn’t that great, i like it but i hate it at the same time. I’m not gonna say ‘‘oh the villains suck compared to handsome jack’’
    it just seems kind of weird, for some reason they’re special and get praised for making bandits do their dirty deed, but i’m pretty sure jack did this as well so uh. It’s not that special and i don’t get why everyone in the game compliments them for it mostly when it already happened once.

  • The new planets are fun and look nice but there isn’t a whole lot to do on them they’re more made for the story to progress as compared to being another level. Some worlds have 1 sidequests and challenges + main missions but that’s about it.

  • Most side quests characters aren’t recurring characters, i just take a quest from a random citizien to execute someone i do it and never see them again or anything. It just seems confusing.

  • Quest rewards are kind of odd sometimes, like i get that they don’t need to tie in to the quest but sometimes i’m just expecting a gun or something and all i get is cash and a trinket.

  • In the quest where u have to say goodbye on sanctuary there is something that kind of really really annoyed me, for some reason Lillith is put right next to tannis, and you have the option to say goodbye to everyone ( for an extra rewards im guessing idk what it is.) Yet seeing as it’s kind of iffy to interact with stuff in this game when i tried to speak to tannis i ended up talking to lillith and just ending the quest right there and then. This was pretty annoying seeing as there was no way to do the quest again, i was hoping to get a nice goodbye from hammylocks but it never happened : (
  • That’s about all i can think of for now thank you for reading if you did at least and if you agree or disagree please do tell me why i’d like to see some different opinions on the game, i decided to post this seeing as there haven’t been a lot of people talking about the game.

Side note, i would like to have added ‘‘Add an extra difficulty to start with’’ as a con, but i know this would just mean an increase in health/enemies instead of making it simply harder to fight them, i don’t know why i’m complaining about this but i just feel like difficulty should mean how GOOD the ai are, obviously if u wanna play easy u want a nice cakewalk and want it to be more like an adventure where ur the hero, so obviously it’d be nicer if u had braindead potatoes walking around not hiding behind cover, but still. idk man.

EDIT: There’s one con that i forgot, simply because my brain wanted to remove it from ■■■■■■■ existence, the anointed. god has it been a while since i fought one but the mechanic of them is so ■■■■■■■■, their normal attacks do less damage, the only way they kill you is if your impatient and shoot them when they’re reflecting. it’s literally just a waiting game, you wait till they’re done being immune you shoot them you wait again, single handedly the WORST enemy in the game after the enforcerer.


I don’t understand your gripe on Tannis. There are still only 6 sirens. Angel granted her power to Tannis when she died. Sirens can choose who they pass their power onto, so it’s not pure luck we know of so many.

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name one person who likes tannis : (

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Me. She’s my favorite character. My friends all enjoy Tannis’s antics. My girlfriend likes Tannis. I know far more people that like her than don’t like her.

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I despise her awkwardness idk i would’ve preferred something else but that’s just a personal thing i find her slightly annoying and kind of cringe, but to each their own.

i do apologize for calling ur favorite character the worst but i mean i just can’t stand her.

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I can understand that. As someone who hates cringe comedy, I really don’t see it in her, personally. But I can see how another can find her cringey.

But to give you a more in-game reason why it’s Tannis, she is the only non-siren woman that Angel interacted with that was still alive by the time she (Angel) died. Sure, we know plenty of other options, but Angel didn’t.

And no concerns. You have no reason to apologize. As you said, to each their own. If I lived my life taking insult when someone disliked my opinions, I’d live a sad life indeed.

Yea i mean i just wish it was someone else personally i find tannis unbearable whenever she rambles on when she speaks to me with her siren powers, lillith was straightforward n relaxed with it tannis makes me anxious and annoyed.

But i mean some people like it so it’s fine

Have you played on TVHM and/or Mayhem 3 yet? Those may address some of your concerns about difficulty. Mayhem mode has modifications that really change how you want to approach fights, but you can refresh them by leaving/rejoining or exiting the area and re-entering.

Also, you’re the first person I’ve seen say the game was short. Everyone else I talk to says it’s pretty long. It’s almost twice as long as Borderlands 2 was.

Idk i afked a lot and helped a lot of friends in the game and my playtime is basically 1 day, it might just be that the gunner class complete obliterates bosses in like miliseconds, i’m really not sure. i’ve done every sidequest and stuff too but it just seems so short.

They don’t choose, Tanis was always Angels replacement.

Me, I’ve been crushing on that nutjob since the first game. Hell man she rides a fish with fireworks, what’s not to love.

There is also rumored to be a seventh siren and the ancient Siren that did the Eridian writing that you can read very late in the story hopes we never find it. Could be a setup for a villain in a future borderlands game? I dunno.

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What is Angel Powers anyways? And did we ever find out what Steele powers were?

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I think Angel could control / interact / network / interface with any and all technology.

Steele…zipping around the map super fast for sword slashes, maybe? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

There was a complaint in there about too much loot dropping.

I can’t even believe I just read that.



Agreed… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Angel could talk and interface with tech. Basically what Tanis does now only not as strong, although she should have been a beast with the amount of eridium Jack was pumping into her.

Steele never really came into her siren powers and may not have even known she was one. There isn’t much detail honestly.

Because she was extremely physical though I’m guessing she was Amaras predecessor. That’s just a whole lot of speculation on my part though.


I totally hate that Tannis is a siren, not because of the potential continuity problems that it brings, but for the fact that it does not really push the story forward. Why didn’t the Calypsos chase after Tannis the second she revealed to be a siren? Also, the thing with sirens choosing their successors was non-canon comic material until this point, which makes it feel like somewhat of an asspull. At least for me it does. I liked Tannis from the very day I came to play BL2, my first BL game, but it doesn’t feel right. Also, Tannis was never the type of woman to reveal much of herself, but the second she is rescued she takes off half her clothes (a poor way to show that she is a siren, but at that point we’ve already seen her wings). Honestly I just have some major logical problems with the story (like Lilith not putting a bullet in the twins heads the second they’re knocked out).

I still love the game, don’t get me wrong!

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I don’t like killing a single mob and getting 7 whites 20 greens 3 blues a purple and a legendary idk just seems meh not as rewarding

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