Big spoilers To those who are really annoyed about Maya

I too was a fan of Maya, played her 300 hours in BL2, was really happy to see her return and was hyped by BL3 marketing.

I understand that Maya’s death was needed for the story, and keeping her alive would have be weird in the scenario, but the way it was done is really frustrating for me.
It’s likely that Maya had a premonition of Aya being really important as a Sirene and new she would inherit from her, the “be ready” confirms that for me. Ava’s destiny is to save the universe, Maya’s destiny was to teach Ava. The story is consistent, but for the first time I’m more frustrated than sad.

Since I know that we’ll have to deal with her legacy aka Ava I really think I’ll quit Borderlands games because it reminds me of the frustration of “loosing” Maya for this.

I encourage people to play the game become it’s a really good game, I even argued to someone who saw that Maya would be killed and refused to buy the game, that he should still buy and play it to have a better understanding of what happens because there is more to the game than that (plus he didn’t play Maya that much).

I don’t quit to show a message, hoping that Maya will return (I know it’s not possible and wouldn’t be good for the story) but because my behaviour is bad.

People like me who can’t go over the grief of Maya’s death shouldn’t hate the writters and the game like that, it’s us who are wrong to have so much feelings about a fictional character.

I really couldn’t believe how much I was affected by it at the point of feeling strong disgust towards the game and its creators at first, and I think the one’s to blame is me, reacting like a child because I felt hurt and frustrated by something which shouldn’t affect me that much, which I think is unhealthy.

I just hope that games creator wont react badly to people complaining, because it’s bad for the games.
They should understand people concern and be more diplomatic. When you sell something, the best way to defend your product isn’t to attack people who criticize it (even when they express thelmselve really badly) , but to stay positive and not trying to upset people who invested feelings in it.

Edit: sorry for this wall of text, I just didn’t like people getting angry toward each others on this subject.


I “Shouldn’t hate writers” for killing my fav VH?
I “Should blame myself” for liking her?
Sorry, but big NO.


It is kind of funny how some of the player reactions to Maya’s death mirror Ava’s.


Massive fan of Maya here.

I agree on what you said to a degree.
The story isn’t the most beautiful thing in BL3, to be fair all BLs never had a 10/10 story.
And i get why GBX chose to kill Maya and let Lilith disapear for a bit: Sirens are too overpowered.

Aparently Angel had spatiotemporal powers too.
Why didn’t they told/showed us that in BL2? maybe because it would’ve ruined the “logic” in Angel’s doing.

Why try to let us pass to get to her in every way possible if she could’ve just made a portal to her room in 5 minutes in the game? because that’s way too op and it would’ve ruined the building up of the entire game.
Why did GBX get rid of Lilith and Maya? because the powers both of them had is an easy escape to almost every situation.
Some may say that it’s just “bad writing” and i can see why but i don’t fully belive in it.
i agree that it isn’t the best writing but there is a reason why sh*t happened.

We can all point the finger at Ava, as i initially did tbh, but this girl had her reasons.
it’s not to say that those reasons where right or just but the kid is the type of kid that doesn’t understand things right as they are.
Like most of us at her age, btw.
She will most probably prove herself in BL4, hell she could even start to understand what she had done in a few dlcs.
she will understand, she will prove herself and she will probably be a badass NPC in BL4.
she will never replace Maya, that’s for sure.

Whe sould’t hate the writers for it.
it had to be done. maybe by making her die? maybe.
but then…what? both maya and lilith gone only god knows where?
But i agree that most of the time are fans themselfs that need to take a break, think aboutwhat happened and then talk.

I’m not embarassed or feel stupid in saying that i cried when Maya died.
I cried at the ending too.
And tbh that is what i wanted from BL3.
Being all cocky, stupid and going arround looking for memes is what BL is allways been, i wanted more shock value and emotions involved in it.
These people where arround from the beginning…this is not a “game” anymore to them.
it’s not anymore about treasures. it’s about family now.
And Tannis makes it clear when she talks to Ava: It may not be the best family but is the only family you have now.

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It would have help that Ava wasn’t portray like that, like resisting Maya when she said “we go, now!”
Maya could have handle the situation better, Lilith too, Ava had to be a part of the reason of Maya’s death but she’s not the sole reason.
I know Maya had to die, regardless of who can be blamed.

It’s the decision of making Maya die because it’s needed for Ava’s evolution that I hate.
To me it was an unnecessary trade with the only goal to make people hate the ennemies.

I feel disgust toward the writers because I genuinely think they made her likable and killed her because of that. Didn’t want to say that people should blame themselve for liking a character.

I just don’t know how to deal with the fact that I’m so affected by that and can’t go on, but I think being angry towards other people just make things worse.

The main reason I don’t want to play the game anymore is that I’ll have to watch her death again and again each run, which is too frustrating and painful for me. I know it will only make me saltier and saltier, that won’t change.

I had enough in bl2 :frowning:

I’ll take a break until Borderlands 4 I guess, I know I’ll return to Borderlands after some time, hoping that Ava is a good “investment”, but still salty that they wanted to replace Maya because “bla bla bla it’s war people die even the likable ones”.

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Ava’s portrayal as a cocky, impulsive kid who didn’t fully grasp the threat was pretty good, I thought. Unfortunately, we only get glimpses of her character development past that. We see a little grief and a bit of lashing out, then by the Cathedral she’s okay towards Lilith, eager to help but not so brash, and apparently has developed some sort of association with Tina. Then at the end her, Tannis, and Lilith are Angel’s Charlies.

I’m not a fan of Maya, but her sacrifice at least warranted a better payout in character development, I’d say.

They could have choose Axton to make character development :grin:
The drama for the sake of development is good, (especially Rolland killed and Lilith tortured, the echoes about Tiny Tyna’s family).

Here what makes her death so annoying to those who like her is that it fells like that:
-Look, Maya is back and she’s beter than before
-Look at how she’s full of life and joy, you liked her ? So you should like her more !
-Now let’s make her die with a painful scream where she just stand hopeless and helpless.

Maybe I’m hypocritical but I really think a quicker death would have been better, like Rolland’s one, or anything not “screaming in agony”, in order to have the shock value without rubbing salt in the wound of those who like her.

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If Maya’s powers were taken away instead of having her killed off we would have:
A: Troy’s developments would’ve stayed the same barring a few lines
B: Ava wouldn’t become such a blatant Mary Sue.

Honestly? It didn’t. It just made it more glaring how badly written Ava is.

Does it stop me from playing the game? No. But if I could I would rewrite (huge) chunks of the story.

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The death of Maya’s juste made me realise that I don’t care enough of the other caracters in this game beside those we already knew.
I don’t think Ava is badly written for a borderlands (I mean we have to give up some consistency which isn’t really a default of the game), but trading a likable character for the child who need the death of someone close in order to evolve is just frustrating.
The set up of her death is just ridiculous.
I don’t care of good writting or character development if everytime it has to be like that.

What I expect now is that when Ava will be grown and if she’s likable she’ll also be sacrifice material.

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i thought maya story was done well. the aftermath of a spoiled child still blaming others for faulty actions and no one pointing it out to her. not so much.

i hate when the authors go all california liberal.

granted part of was maya’s fault for being to lenient (which seems to be the sub theme) but why is everyone else?

I Agree with you on all points. I just started playing the game. I Love Maya as a character. But understood why it happened in the vault the way it did. I’m playing as Mose. And for me it’s a matter of VENGEANCE now. Being a Soldier type, I understand for Mentors to die, so their students can evolve, and become a successor, or better. An now, being in the mindset of the one female mech soldier. Aya must grow, I will watch over her, and help in that growth, and AVENGE her mentor’s murder.

It’s all about the disrespect Maya got afterwards and how no one called ava out on her blaming lilith for Maya death when ava is just as much responsible as troy . Everybody just turned and walk away and act like it never happen and then comes dlc 4 nope no respect there either and then when gbx sees people upset about Maya being spit on they quickly made a cartoon too show that really care about her at the last minute. And on top of that they try passing the buck onto the previous writer with it was like that when I got there .

It was one lie after another everybody blaming the next person there was not one bit of respect for a beloved character and if a lying, spoiled brat is the future then that makes the future a lie .