Big Update Coming to Borderlands: The Handsome Collection on October 29, 2015


I hosted a game on TPS now and people joined me.
After that i tried to find matches on TPS again and it worked this time.
I was even able to join with one of my characters that had the “sending data to host” issue.

So it works much better for me than in the first hour after i downloaded it.

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Out on ps4 now
Edit: 10.557 gigs

([In Memories Delusional]) #43

Darnit. Just as I shut it down again. Oh well.

Nearly done downloading. Excellent.


EGO-TP has mission markers!!!

([In Memories Delusional]) #45

I hope K’s Topneaa is now glossy white instead of dirty grey. But yeah. Patch installed. Will try it out in a bit.

(Rush86) #46

I noticed under the patch notes for the pre sequel and the handsome jack collection for ps4. It does not list the new legendary drop rates being a permanent hot fix.

(Rickyh241) #47

Still not working for me. Getting same error I posted earlier.

([In Memories Delusional]) #48

A FOV of 110! Needed this since high FOV’s make it easier for me to be aware of my surroundings.

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(Rickyh241) #49

Can’t edit my post but it seems to be working now. Took the disc out a few times and put it back in and now it launched.

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You play at 110?! That looks so weird, maybe I’m just used to the old view though. I turned it up to 80 lol.


Only two things really catch my attention:

  • Adjustment to player’s characters. I don’t know what this exactly brings, but looking forward to get killed even easier by enemies. lol

  • Bosun’s shield recharge faster in TVHM and UVHM. Yeah. As if his shield wasn’t loaded and recharging enough. Who the hell gave this feedback?

([In Memories Delusional]) #52

Blame Quake, I play that game on 110.
And the higher the FOV, the easier it is for my brain to register everything that’s going on.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #53

Bosun could use some buffing. He’s pretty weak as is.

Edit: To be more clear, at level cap he’s pretty weak.


Crazy but understandable.


I don’t mind Bosun’s shields getting buffed, but I’m sure glad I got the challenge of killing him without destroying the generators done beforehand!

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([In Memories Delusional]) #56

I know I am. lol

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(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #57

Doc’s Flayer. that’s all I’l say. LOL

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(Oliver Wicks) #58

I’m really digging this patch but there are some things which still need sorting out:

1: Boomer not respawning - This glitch was introduced with the 1.06/1.02 patch and is really annoying.

2: The Party Popper Pistol has no audio - This happens exclusively in the Handsome Collection.

3: The Claptrap and Felicity audio loops when entering the Sub-Sub-Conscious and Titan Robot Production Facility respectively.

4: The Trophy glitches with the “Wheely Fast”, “The Gift that Keeps on Giving” and “Shadow of Your Former Self” trophies. The issues with “Shadow of Your Former Self” also include the myriad of problems with EOS e.g. respawning with full health, spawning out of range, excessive Rockets, Explosive and Moonshot usage.

5: The Mutator Arena has a wildly uneven difficulty at the higher difficulty levels.

6: Having to manually change to online mode in the Pre-Sequel on booting up the Handsome Collection - This doesn’t affect Borderlands 2.

7: The Tales from the Borderlands unlocks scale to the playthrough and not the player. Also, the Boss Nova fix isn’t retrospective so mine is still an unbuffed Green rarity item.

8: Random freezing in the Claptrap DLC - This has been a problem since Day 1 in both the PS3 and PS4 versions.

9: Assign all the currently unobtainable/unassigned guns to a boss or bosses.

10: Fix the negative numbers glitch with certain skills after importing a save.

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(Kenet 550111) #59

Isn’t it great? Now i can’t even go online for bl2 though i have online game for tps. But the whole handsome jack collection idea is to be able to play bl2 on ps4 ONLINE. What a waste of money when i have both on ps3 which are online FINE. What a gane! What a shame!

(Matrixneo42) #60

The problem is we had such bad connectivity in multiplayer for months that a lot of people have given up on the multiplayer or the game. So there might not be many people in the game, or if they are, they aren’t opening to public because they don’t see a point.

I’m guessing/hoping that the handsome collection will be discounted for the holidays and that we might see a surge of new players because of that.