Big Update Coming to Borderlands: The Handsome Collection on October 29, 2015

(Matrixneo42) #61

Did they fix the audio problem that often occurs on the way to the final boss of the claptrap DLC? All the audio gets really glitchy and terrible. Then we exit the map and it’s back to normal.


(JBarracudaL) #62

Excited about the patch but . . . any chance that, for the campaign of BL2, Angel’s likeness that pops up on your screen could have the contrast/brightness lowered? Having recently bought the game after playing on 360 way back in the day, I immediately noticed her portrait was basically just a white blur with eyes.


(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #63

I second this request. Long overdue…


(Rush86) #64

Yea it really stinks boomer doesnt respawn i hope they fix this. I really want his unique grenade he drops. Ive contacted support about it and wrote on here. Support did tell me they were working on it.


(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #65

Are you talking about borderlands 2 Boomer that drops the legendary nade? If you are talking about him, I just got a drop from him last week in the Handsome Jack Collection on the Xbone. FYI…


([In Memories Delusional]) #66

Might be possible that he/she ment the boss that drops the baby Boomer in TPS.


(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #67

After looking up the boomer info, I think you’re right. My bad. LOL

I had no idea he dropped a unique nade mod. I read on another thread that boomer does respawn. after save/quite you can go back and you’ll have to fight the waves of enemies again. the last wave is when Boomer will appear from what I read. I’ll give it a try tonight. :smile:


(Rush86) #68

Yea metalhead got it. Boomer from the pre sequel he drops an awesome unique grenade the baby boomer. I want it so bad but boomer is glitched and doesnt respawn. His minions do though.

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([In Memories Delusional]) #69

Does it mean that I gett a cookie? :P.
nah just messing with you.


(Rush86) #70

Yeap whatever kind you want

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(Kwisatz Haderach) #71

I would caution against requesting Oatmeal Raisin

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(Below 9000) #72

I farmed Boll for a few tries and he dropped the Fastball. Nice. Also adding the fov slider and controller audio were nice touches. Great update.

Question though; what’s a ‘permanent hotfix’?


(Patrick Fenn) #73

There a some changes we are able to make through a hot fix that only applies while the player is actively online.

We often apply these fixes into the next patch so that once the patch is installed, it applies to the game whether the player is offline or online.

To be clear, only some bugs can be addressed in this way since this does not allow us to address many of the more difficult or encompassing issues.

Also, we are very happy you guys are enjoying the patch!


(:}) #74
  • Improved game stability for split screen players

The fov slider helps, but the pre-sequel’s splitscreen is still zoomed in too far on the guns and arms. sigh


(michi2) #75

The Freezes in TPS Handsome Collection, PS4, Claptastic Voyage still be there :frowning:
It’s unplayable. Firmware 3.10, Patch 1.03



PS4 player here. Nice to see the game get updates with new features and bugfixes; I really like the speaker audio feature that was added. Finished Pre-Sequel about a week ago and moving onto Borderlands 2.

Local Co-Op Feedback
I play Co-Op in Vertical Mode with my bro. Immediately I noticed a UI difference between Borderlands TPS and Borderlands 2. In TPS, you can move the right stick left and right while in menu to scroll the Inventory menu horizontally. This made a huge difference in inventory management.

In Borderlands 2, the right stick makes the menu rotate and is cut-off making me do awkward circles until I can see cut-off text. :confused: Would you kindly patch this please? Thanks.


([In Memories Delusional]) #77

May I ask you something (unreleated to this patch).
Does TPS fun fine for you, let’s say in Robot production Plant?



Seemed to be okay… few frame drops here and there, but nothing major that I can remember.


([In Memories Delusional]) #79

Mhm ok.
I was asking since alot of people have the game crash on certain maps (I am one of them).
Still, thank you for answering for this out of the blue question.


(since CTT) #80

During the patch download + installation yday, the THC-disc was auto-ejected, and ever since, the PS4 is in constant and audible “eject” mode, meaning the unit will now not allow any disc to be inserted.

Anybody else experiencing the same problem?

PS4 unit is 6 months of age and have been standing in same spot all the time, working like a charm.