Big Update Coming to Borderlands: The Handsome Collection on October 29, 2015

(kimbrellwl) #81

So when you say that Difficulty Scaling will return to appropriate value after leaving Raid Areas, does this mean that the 4 player glitch is no longer going to be usable?

(Poorly drawn Starlord) #82

They should have kept that gltich IMO, or better yet fixed it but added a setting where if you are playing solo you can choose 1-4 player difficulty at anytime, for people who want to farm Vermivourous or just want a challange.

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(Anubis Lk8 T2) #83

Might be being a bit thick but I’ve never understood the FOV sliders. To me it goes a bit fish bowl looking so why would it be better to adjust it?

(Bain) #84

Where are the current update notes?

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([In Memories Delusional]) #85

The higher the FOV, the more objects will be rendered on screen at once.

(Anubis Lk8 T2) #86

To me though it always ends up looking fish eyed. Is that how it’s meant to look

([In Memories Delusional]) #87

Yeah. But when you are closer to the screen it isn’t as noticeable. For me anyway.

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(Anubis Lk8 T2) #88

Ah ok then, I’m quite far from the tv so that’ll be why, thank you

(kimbrellwl) #89

I absolutely agree. I don’t have stable internet and can’t play online very often, so I’m forced to play by myself most of the time and the 4 player glitch was the only way for me to truly get a challenge out of the game or farm efficiently for better items since the bosses drop garbage most of the time if playing solo. I guess this patch means I’m done with BL2…

(Oliver Wicks) #90

I haven’t been to the Sub-Sub-Conscience recently but the Felicity audio bug hasn’t been fixed so I doubt this one has either :(. I’m currently working on an updated list of things that still need fixing but I have limited time due to my job keeping me busy so it will be a few more days before I can post it.

(Del) #91

that means you have it turned up to high. Yes it does give a slight fish eye lens (think about when hd tv’s first came out and they stretched just the side sides of the picture but left the center alone. I remember watching it and Rachel from friends had like a 32 inch bicep for her right arm.) but it lets you see more of the screen.

Yes it looks a little wonky as a whole, but ultimately, you see more

(hidoggie) #92

If you’re working on a list, maybe we should request a drop source for the Trickster heads? I don’t believe they currently have one.

(Oliver Wicks) #93

I didn’t know of that problem but will be sure to mention it when I manage to finalize the list of issues :smile:.

(hidoggie) #94

Yeah, I think the only ones people have received came about from that weird random heads/skins unlock that occurred in the next-to-last update.

(Oliver Wicks) #95

I’ve just come off a long Co-Op session with a friend in Borderlands 2 (Handsome Collection) and have the following issues to report:

1: The “Find Murderlin’s Temple” mission has become glitched again, this was fixed a couple of years back on the PS3 but the fix has undone itself. The fix for this is the same as it was back then i.e. you have to complete the mission “Roll Insight” first, then you will be able to Turn In the “Find Murderlin’s Temple” mission :smile:.

2: I haven’t experienced this one personally but after doing some research, it appears that the Zer0’s Kunai and Deathmark skills have been accidentally nerfed again so don’t do as much damage as they should.

3: I don’t know if this affects the PS3 version or not but the latest patch has introduced a severe connection issue whereby people get frequently and randomly disconnected during area transitions either via the portals or Fast Travel Stations. This problem also affects The Pre-Sequel but to a lesser degree.

4: The game has just crashed for the second time since the patch and the 4th since buying the game but this is the first to produce the infamous “CE” crash error :frowning:.

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(Davidseamons) #96

hmmm, not sure about these drop rate fixes, it appears LLMs (especially in the WEP) have stopped dropping legendaries, that said I have just got a hornet in a red hyperion chest!!! that’s got to be a 1st???

(Oliver Wicks) #97

I’ve had great success with getting Legendaries post-patch as so far I’ve had 2 Hornets from Knuckledragger, a Shredifier and Norfleet from Hyperius, a Gub from Laney White, a Hellfire from Sully the Blacksmith, a Firestorm from a Badass Wizard and an Ogre from Warlord Slog :smile: .

(:}) #98
  • Some skin customizations that previously did not drop from any source can now drop in-game.

Are the Tiny Tina dlc customizations finally obtainable without shift? I lost mine from the bug that deletes skins and unassigns bar. I’ve checked plenty of chests, they certainly DON’T give them. Can anyone confirm if they’re drops??

(hidoggie) #99

Sorry to burst your bubble but I’ve gotten several of TT’s customizations by doing runs through the chests (non-eridium) after fighting the dragons. It’s just random like everything else in the game. I haven’t seen anything about them becoming world drops unfortunately. I think this patch note is in reference to the previously unobtainable Dahl skins. Nobody’s found a specific drop source for them yet.

(Patrick Fenn) #100

Rather than grinding out through chests, you are welcome to put in a ticket about those particular skins getting erased:

It may take some time, but we would like to help out with any problems that you run into.