Big Update Coming to Borderlands: The Handsome Collection on October 29, 2015

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Absolutely. I’ve been having great luck too. I especially like the fact that the drops have been increased when offline as well. Being a doubting Thomas I turned off the internet to test the ‘permanent hotfix’.

Result: 10 runs of Three Horns Divide = 2 Harolds and 1 Fastball.

The drops rates are better than BL1 now. Yeah I said it.

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After a lot of messing around and experimenting, here’s my list of issues that still need fixing (all of these are for the PS3+4):

The Pre-Sequel (PS3):-

1: In the Mission “Nova? No Problem”, Janey Springs can glitch and either not move over to the container where the Nova Shield is then won’t open the container or open the chest. Also, it would be great if the Nova Shield was marked as a Mission item until the Mission is over as it’s dangerously easy to accidentally sell it and render the mission almost impossible to complete.

2: Please, please, please, assign all the currently unobtainable or Grinder/Vending Machine only items like the Lady Fist, Shreddifier, Heartbreaker, Fragnum 88 etc. etc. to a Boss and make them farmable because it’s a PITA to get most of these and some e.g. the Lady Fist don’t drop at all unless you hack your save :(.

3: The “Collect Gyroscope” objective in the Mission “No Such Thing as a Free Launch” is bugged as of the 1.03 patch and can’t be collected. The only fix for this is to Save, Quit and Reload. Also in this Mission, Tony Slows can sometimes glitch and not respond when you donate $5 to his “Museum”, the fix is the same as before i.e Save, Quit and Reload.

4: Fix the Claptrap dialogue loop on spawn in the Subconscious after siding with Gladstone, this is as irritating as the Felicity loop in the Titan Industrial Facility. There’s also an audio loop in Deck 13 1/2 after returning from an EOS encounter whereby Jack repeats his line about handing over the H-Source.

5: Denial Sub-Routine and Eghood are supposed to now be on timers but even after waiting ages and leaving then re-entering the area, they don’t respawn so I have to Save, Quit and Reload anyway.

6: Whilst Moon Buggies have been adjusted so they can now jump Gaps, it’s still 50/50 as to if they will actually make it as they still feel too heavy at times and the handling is wonky as hell which only makes jumping Gaps and Chasms etc. that much harder.

7: The Fast Ravel Station in R&D doesn’t show up in the Fast Travel Network until you’ve finished a Mission in that area.

8: The difficulty for the Mutator arena is wildly uneven on Playthrough 3.

9: Make it so the Holodome version of Felicity will drop the Quasar. Better overall A.I in the Holodome would be nice because far too many enemies just don’t make an effort to find you.

10: The “Wheely Fast” trophy can glitch and not pop and “The Gift that Keeps on Giving” trophy currently only pops for the host which is not cool.

11: I know this probably isn’t possible but I would to see a new Menu that tracks the Grinder Recipes and tells you what they are. At the moment the game only tells you that you’ve discovered one but what it is. Some way of tracking the Holographic Projections for the “Sociopathic Networker” trophy would be nice as well.

12: The firing affects from Beam and Blaster Lasers like the Vibra-Pulse and standard Maliwan Blasters have an annoying habit of going out of going out of sync or disappearing all together when fighting Iwajira and the Sentinels and sometimes they don’t come back until after the fight is over. Another annoying glitch with the Vibra-Pulse and to a lesser degree the 3DD1.E Oz kit is that their secondary shock tether effects (and audio) persist until after either the enemy/boss is dead or you Save, Quit and Reload.

13: 3DD1.E’s Cash drops are worthless since you only get $1 or $2 at the most and sometimes picking them up actually causes you to lose money.

14: The 3rd and final phase of the EOS fight is grossly unfair thanks to the ridiculous amount of Rockets and Explosive Shots that he fires at you, these wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t do so much damage :frowning:.

15: The centre of the Mutator Arena has a massive invisible wall around it which makes it impossible to kill anything that’s near it or get Second Winds.

16: The recoil on the Rosie is excessive and means that it’s impossible for anyone other than Nisha to use properly.

17: The Challenge in the Titan Industrial Facility for exiting the area without using an o2 Dome is broken and either doesn’t complete at all or can be done by entering the Titan Robot Production Plant then re-entering the Industrial Facility.

18: I don’t know if this is even remotely possible but it would be nice if you could make it so any previously unlocked Character and Vehicle customizations stop dropping in-game. The reason I mention this is because it gets really hard to find the ones you’re missing when the same ones drop over and over even though you’ve already got them. I’d like this applied to BL2 as well if at all possible.

19: The amount of Texture Buffering in Concordia, the Nexus and the Holodome is ridiculous but the Holodome in particular looks really bad at all times (PS3 only).

20: There are far too many invisible walls in the Holodome which makes getting mid to long range kills or even Second Winds really difficult.

21: The one way Fast Travel Station in the Titan Robot Production Plant is faulty and repeatedly triggers auto-saves every few seconds which makes exiting the area really really tricky at times.

22: The save files in the XMB don’t correctly record the location where last you saved e.g. they say you’re in Concordia but actually you’re in the Holodome. This glitch seems to have been around since at least the 1.03 patch.

23: The 1.05 patch introduced a really irritating glitch whereby the mission shown on the main menu gets stuck on either “DAHL Combat Training: Round 5” or “l33t h4X0rs”, instead of “The Bestest Story Ever Told”.

24: When fighting the Sentinels for a 2nd or 3rd time in a row, the audio goes badly out of sync and if you carry on playing then there’s a good chance that the game will crash when you try to exit to the XMB :(. Talking about the Sentinels, the Lootsplosion you get at the end of the battles causes major frame-rate issues until everything has landed on the ground (PS3 only).

25: I would love to see the Excalibastard Rail Gun, Splodger Laser and the Morq Shield be made respawnable so you don’t have to reset your Playthrough or start another Character to get another one.

26: The Saw in the Holodome sometimes won’t deactivate at the end of a round.

27: Certain lines of Dialogue for Axton and Gaige don’t always play in the Holodome which means the story doesn’t make sense.

28: The “Press square to pick up” message sometimes persists, even when there’s nothing to pick up. Whilst this was mostly fixed with the 1.05 patch, it still happens every so often.

29: 95% of the Loot containers in Gyrus Grove, where you fight Denial Sub-Routine, do not work properly and either don’t open but still spit out your loot or they open and refuse to let you pick anything up. This problem makes the Denial fight that much harder and annoying to do. Certain containers in * Bad Sector * have the same problem.

30: I know this is extremely minor but there are 2 ammo containers to the left of the Vending Machines in the Redbelly arena that are really hard to open due to their tiny and improperly placed prompt detection boxes.

31: In rare cases, the main gate to Redbelly’s Base can glitch and not open and in even rarer cases the door to their arena can glitch as well due to one of the objectives not progressing (I forget which one off-hand).

32: Your Skill Points sometimes reset when joining an online game. Whilst this doesn’t happen that often, it happens often enough to be annoying.

33: Even though I have a great connection, uploading a save to the Cross-Save Cloud takes ages most days so some networking improvements in this area would be appreciated.

34: The Tales from the Borderlands weapon unlocks only scale to the Playthrough and not the Player, which is really irritating. Also note that the recent buff to the Boss Nova gun isn’t retrospective so many players are now stuck with an inferior version with no way to get the improved one without trading with someone.

35: Make Iwaijira farmable without having to save, quit and reload.

36: Some of the containers in Triton Flats and the Titan Industrial Facility have a habit of automatically blowing off their lids when approaching them, without you doing anything.

37: Butt Slam Damage doesn’t scale at all well on Playthrough 3 and does very little damage.

38: The spawn rate for Chubbys/Tubbys is way too low and they don’t drop anything good so it would be nice if they could be brought into line with the ones in BL2.

39: Benjamin Blue’s drop rates are abysmal and only very rarely drops anything worth having.

40: Equipping the Hail Assault Rifle makes you limp, almost like the collision mats have been altered (PS3 only).

41: Make Moonstones an auto pickup item so we don’t have to faff around manually picking them all up.

42: There are major issues with Iwajira’s Lair:-

  • The Geyser still doesn’t work properly as it only fires once the minions are dead and not when Iwajira himself has been killed.
  • Sometimes the minions get slammed clean out of the arena and/or get stuck under the map because of Iwajira’s attacks so you can’t kill them and thus get the Geyser to fire.
  • Iwajira’s Lootsplosion throws loot everywhere, which makes it very difficult to see or even collect all the loot so it would be great if you could code it so the loot all falls in one spot.
  • The collision mats need redoing because it’s really annoying when stuff gets stuck way out of reach because it got caught on an invisible wall.
  • There’s a huge hole in the ground under one of the Lava falls and in the floor near one of the walls under the entry hole, which causes you to fall into infinity.
  • Killing Iwajira should auto kill any minions that have spawned as trying to pick them off after the main fight is over, gets tiresome after a while.
  • You should shouldn’t need every player in the game to be present before he will spawn.
  • Returning to the area after killing him will leave the player stuck with no way of getting out, because the Geyser is gone so all you can do is save and exit.

43: You get an erroneous “All Players Needed” message in Single Player when trying to seal in CL4P-L3K.

44: Shadowtrap’s Shields and Health when you fight him in the Mutator Arena on Playthrough 3, are much too high.

45: Sometimes it’s possible for Redbelly to fall through the floor of the arena and become unkillable.

46: Most of the time, the Scavs in the Redbelly arena carry on spawning even though Redbelly is dead.

47: Make Poop Deck farmable or at the very least, give his Loot Pool to another boss.

48: It would be great if Flameknuckle could be made farmable in the main game or at least give his Loot Pool to someone else because not everyone has the Holodome DLC.

49: The EOS fight is insanely buggy during phases 2+3, I and many others have experienced the following:

  • He won’t phase back in after getting his shield back and instead will carry on bombarding you with enemies.
  • He will return with full health and make you repeat the entire fight all over again.
  • He will constantly bombard you with Missiles to the point there is literally no escaping or surviving them.
  • He uses his Eye of Helios attack every 2mins so your shield has zero time to recharge from the other enemy attacks.
  • The Eye of Helios laser will glitch and kill you no matter where you hide.
  • New Moonshots can occur every few seconds so you’ll be swamped with enemies.
  • He will spawn miles away from the main platform and is hard to hit with even long range weapons.

Characters with only limited health regen capabilities e.g. the Baroness, stand almost no chance of defeating EOS because of the massive and sustained amounts of damage that are dealt out.

50: The Claptrap DLC has a really nasty habit of crashing and for no reason, this has been happening ever since the 1.05 patch came out and it’s seriously annoying.

51: There’s a rare glitch that can happen when escorting Felicity after she’s possessed the Prototype Powersuit, whereby her A.I. goes screwy and keeps turning back and returning to the start of that section. The only fix for this is to save, quit and reload.

52: The Challenge “I can do this alone” is still glitchy and is essentially impossible because Felicity does way too much damage and moves so quickly that you can’t kill the enemies before she does.

53: The frame-rate plummets when accessing your Inventory when using the Grinder.

54: Rabid Adams’s voice still plays after his death, despite this problem having been supposedly fixed in a prior patch.

55: The Redbelly SMG needs a serious damage and accuracy buff because it’s useless at anything beyond close to maybe medium range.

56: Sometimes Felicity’s Lasers get stuck in the Firing position and won’t turn off when she dies.

57: Meg’s Tentacles have a nasty habit of getting stuck in the ceiling of the exit corridor when you destroy them, which gets really irritating after a while because it obscures your view and prevents accurate targeting. Sometimes the tentacles take on an untextured appearance as well.

58: Using the in-game store sometimes produces the now infamous “Failure to Enumerate Content” error that was sort of fixed in BL2.

59: CL4P-L3K is now seriously messed up after the 1.06 patch because:

  • He spawns twice: Once near the Airlock and once in the room with Eghood.
  • His A.I is now faulty and doesn’t pay you much attention and ignores Eghood altogether.

While I’m on the subject, Lazlo is a pain to kill because he won’t stop moving around and takes ages to kill because of his abnormally high health levels; his shield recharges too quickly as well. The Freezeasy needs a recoil and ammo consumption adjustment because it’s hard to control and consumes way too much ammo. As a side note, it would be nice if Eghood got a minor health reduction because he takes ages to kill even with top of the line gear.

60: The frame rate overall isn’t great and the game actually pauses for about 2 seconds whenever you trigger an auto save, this bug is in Borderlands 2 as well and it’s really irritating when you’re trying to make a jump and miss because the game froze for 2 seconds. This problem isn’t so bad on the PS4 but it’s still annoying.

61: As of the 1.05 patch, I’ve had input problems with my joypad so have to press certain buttons twice to get them to do anything.

62: Rabid Stalkers are far too aggressive and do too much damage.

63: The Omni-Cannon is seriously under-powered.

64: Please add Pearlescent items to the game, TPS is the only Borderlands game to not have them.

65: The Shock attack from thrown Tediore weapons does virtually no damage and needs a massive buff.

66: The Tiny Destroyer’s Lootsplosion is erratic and has a tendency to throw the loot everywhere, a better option would be for it to all fall on the floor in front of him.

67: Most of the lesser bosses in the game (e.g. Power Suit Noob, Tiny Destroyer etc.) often don’t drop anything other than a bit of cash and a Moonstone or sometimes a Green Rarity item or two, this makes them a very unattractive farm because you have to wade through a lot of rubbish before any of them will drop their assigned items.

68: It would be great if our vehicle weapon preferences could be saved so we don’t have to change them every time the game is loaded. This would a great addition to BL2 as well.

69: If you interrupt Sterwin during the mission “Sterwin Forever” by going into your Inventory, then his dialogue stops working but he carries on gesturing and moving his mouth. Do note though this only affects his initial dialogue when you first meet him.

70: It would be great if the Excalibastard Rail Gun and the Baroness’s Purple Rarity starting Sniper Rifle could made Grindable.

71: The Bright Spadroon needs a serious damage and accuracy buff and recoil nerf because it’s virtually useless unless you’re Nisha, because the accuracy and recoil are so bad you can’t hit anything unless you’re a few inches from a target. On the PS3 this gun is even worse because it glitches all over the place to the point where shots literally go through people instead of hitting them, on the PS4 it’s not so bad but still sucks due to the accuracy and recoil being so bad.

72: After the Bright Spadroon, the ZX-1 and the Cat O’ Nine Tales are the worst weapons in the game because the base damage level is way too low and even their high accuracy and elemental damage can’t compensate for that.

73: There is a rare glitch with the “Lets Build a Robot Army” mission whereby you can’t open the door that the big Tork is supposed to break through.

74: Decrease the drop rate of the ZX-1 because it’s far too common and not that great of a gun anyway.

75: The sound effects for the Unstable.Bug enemies can get stuck and end up looping endlessly until the player exits the game.

76: The Trickster Heads have no known drop point.

77: Felicity’s A.I can be really screwy sometimes so she won’t even attack you and there are times where her Critical spot disappears and cant’ be hit. This seems to have been caused by 1.03 patch as I don’t remember it happening with the 1.02 update.

78: Odjurymir has a weird glitch that causes him suffer from hyper-speeded up movement during spawning. This glitch used to affect Iwajira but that was fixed a few months back with the 1.05 or 1.06 patch.

79: Although there have been many fixes and improvements over the years, save files can still get corrupted/lose data due to acts of god like power cuts or game freezes.

The Handsome Collection specific issues:-

1: As of the 1.02 patch, you can’t do local Splitscreen with 2 accounts in some cases.

2: Most of the Elemental Challenges in BL2 are unobtainable with imported characters because the numbers don’t tally and go massively into minus figures.

3: The contrast levels on the item cards are much too high which makes the details extremely hard to read.

4: The light bar Rarity display feature doesn’t work properly because most items don’t show as the correct colours either at all or only randomly.

5: Vending Machine audio is distorted at times (Pre-Sequel only).

6: TPS defaults to Offline mode on starting it.

7: TPS keeps randomly disconnecting from the servers for a few seconds every hour or so when playing solo.

8: The first attempt to download a save from the in-game cloud always fails but the second attempt always succeeds (Pre-Sequel only).

9: The Party Popper pistol has no sound.

10: Extreme slowdown sometimes occurs in the Subconscious and the Sub-Subconscious when using any of the vending machines, plus their audio doesn’t appear.

11: Severe audio distortion and dropouts are heard during the “The Sum of Some Fears” mission.

12: During the “Marooned” mission (and only during this mission), the Moon Zoomy Station in Regolith Range has no sound when it speaks after inserting the Digistruct Key.

13: The ECHO Logs in Stanton’s Liver produce distorted and Echoey audio which is almost impossible to hear.

14: When using a Customised version of the Default controls, the L1 and R3 buttons randomly stop working.

15: Certain loot containers hover above the ground near the Torgue Arena in BL2 because part of the scenery is missing.

16: As of the July 21st Hot Fix, there is a glitch with the Splodger Laser whereby the sound effects for it will sometimes play even though it’s not equipped or even in one of the 4 weapon slots.

17: There’s no DLC menu for the Pre-Sequel but there is for BL2. If there’s no more DLC coming to either game, then it would make more sense to just remove them and free up some memory.

18: This has just crashed for the second time since the 1.03 patch launched and the 4th since buying the game but this is the first to produce the infamous “CE” crash error. Also Pyro Pete’s Bar and the Badass Crater Bar have serious but random freezing issues. I’ve only had 2 crashes in the Torgue DLC but a friend of mine has crashed 5 times in just a few days.

19: I know this probably isn’t possible but I’m going to ask anyway but I would love for the “Extra Wubs” code to be ported to the PS4 version of BL2. I know it doesn’t do anything other than add an extra menu entry but it was still a cool addition when it was discovered for the PS3 version.

20: For some reason, a weird rushing sound occurs when fast travelling/transitioning to certain locations e.g. Marcus’s Mercenary Shop, Serenity’s Waste, Pity’s Fall etc. This bug was introduced with the latest patch.

21: The brightness levels in Washburn Refinery are extremely uneven and get obnoxiously bright in the Engineer’s Ring were you fight Hyperius. This bug was introduced with the 1.03 patch.

Borderlands 2:-

1: The “Find Murderlin’s Temple” mission has become glitched again, this was fixed a couple of years back on the PS3 but the fix has undone itself. The fix for this is the same as it was back then i.e. you have to complete the mission “Roll Insight” first, then you will be able to Turn In the “Find Murderlin’s Temple” mission. THis glitch affects both the PS3 and 4 versions of the game.

2: I haven’t experienced this one personally but after doing some research, it appears that the Zer0’s Kunai have been accidentally nerfed again so don’t do as much damage as they should.

3: I don’t know if this affects the PS3 version or not but the latest patch has introduced a severe connection issue whereby people get frequently and randomly disconnected during area transitions either via
the portals or Fast Travel Stations. This problem also affects The Pre-Sequel but to a lesser degree.

4: Some item cards are too narrow and either crop off the edge of some descriptions or force the text to overlap, thus rendering some sections unreadable.

5: Here’s a list of issues that I maintain on another site, there’s so many that I can’t port them all over:

6: Now Vermivorous has received a spawn and item drop rate buff, it would be great if Triple O could get the same treatment as he’s a pain to spawn and the drop rate for the Twister is lousy.

7: All the Raid Bosses need a health, shield and damage nerf because they do way too much damage and most take too long to kill. Voracidous and Master Gee in particular are a nightmare and I have yet to find a way of killing them legit on Playthrough 3 without using exploits :frowning:.

8: Most of the issues listed here, still haven’t been addressed to my knowledge:

9: The Tubby/Chubby loot pools needs redistributing since they drop way too many items and farming for a specific drop gets really annoying after a while. Some of the bosses in the game only drop 1 item so they could easily be made to drop something else as well.

10: Both TPS and BL2 have a problem with some bosses having terrible drop rates, despite the numerous drop rate increases so it would be great if e.g. The Warrior, The Towering Shuggurath of Ice, Son Of Mothrakk (who is buggy as hell anyway), The BNK-3R, Rabid Adams, Felicity etc. could get a drop rate increase that’s specifically targeted at them so we don’t have to spend hours trying to get something from them.

11: There is a bug during the Wilhelm fight which means that a crucial part of the story given by Jack via an ECHO transmission doesn’t play.

Hot Fixes that still need hardcoding (all info taken from the official support site);-

The Pre-Sequel -

  • Badass Digijack’s special attack now correctly seek out enemies.
  • Certain Dahl sound effects will no longer loop.
  • Enemies will now display the correct names in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.
  • Increased Iwajira’s legendary drop rate. - This may have been included with the overall 3x increase but I can’t be sure.
  • Players will no longer get stuck or left behind on the digistruct pads at the beginning of the Claptastic Voyage add-on campaign.
  • Addressed a rare issue where players could not advance the mission “To Arms” during multiplayer games.
  • Dialogue between Tim Pot, Tom Pot, and Tum Pot will no longer fail to play over ECHO for clients in the mission “To Arms!”.
  • The client will no longer become stuck in The Cortex after the host saves and quits.
  • The introduction cinematic audio will no longer repeat for the client when joining a host who is on the objective “Meet Jack” in Deck 13 1/2.
  • Athena’s “Clear!” skill will no longer cause the game to crash when used on a player who is in a vehicle. This required disabling the ability for a thrown Aspis to target a downed player over an enemy. To compensate for the targeting change, the effective radius of Clear! has been significantly increased.
  • Boomer is now runnable again (will respawn when a player exits and re-enters the map).
  • Players should no longer get stuck on the “File Search” mission during the “Go to Memory Bank 2” and “Reopen Data Stream” objectives.

Borderlands 2 -

  • Increased Shock Spike shield damage by addressing issue where it was not being calculated properly.
  • (Mr. Torgue DLC) Fixed an issue where the Lootsplosion would not always trigger after defeating Piston. - This was supposed to have been fixed years ago but for whatever reason, the fix didn’t take so still happens. It would be nice to get a legendary out of this Vault since what does come out is 99% junk.
  • (Sir Hammerlock DLC) Fixed an issue where Rakkanoth would not always spawn if players were too far away. - It would be great if this boss could be made respawnable so we have another way of getting the Son of Mothrakk Customisations.
  • Fixed audio issues for clients using the ‘Hide of Terramorphous’ shield.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Pimon from spawning in Wildlife Exploitation Reserve if players had completed the “Swallowed Whole” side mission.
  • Addressed an issue that could cause sound effects to loop during the “Train to Catch” mission.
  • (Mr. Torgue DLC) Enemies above Level 50 should no longer appear during “Tier 3 Battle” missions while playing in Normal and True Vault Hunter Mode. - This was supposed to have been fixed years ago but Lv52 enemies still appear on Playthroughs 1+2.
  • Addressed a rare issue where players who did not complete the optional “Collect Slag Samples” objective would not properly spawn back into the Natural Selection Annex.
  • (Tina Tiny DLC) Repositioned the boundary turrets in Unassuming Docks to prevent players from missing a critical area.
  • (Mr. Torgue DLC) Badassasarus now takes proper explosion damage from the Tunguska rocket launcher.
  • Maya’s Blight Phoenix skill is now buffed to be on par with other skills in the tree.
  • Zer0’s Deathmark ability now receives a larger damage boost.
  • Vermivorous will now be easier to spawn in a single-player game.

I still have to double check a few things in the Pre-Sequel to see if they have actually be fixed but this list should be all the out standing issues that I know of.

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Freezing on PS4 [Last GBX Response #523]
(pourya) #103

hi friends.can anyone tell me how is big the xbox one update?i downloaded over 8 gigs but the update is n many gigs i must buy?!no information for this anywhere i searched.thank you


(Matrixneo42) #105

Iwajira shouldn’t require that “all players must be present”. And the room’s exit is badly designed.

Problem Situation 1: A three player game. 2 people drop down. The third is up top somewhere else, maybe at the fast travel. If he leaves, then the 2 people already down with Iwa STILL can’t spawn Iwajira because of poor detection/timing of “all players being present”. So they have to save/quit or kill themselves.

Problem Situation 2: You kill Iwa. You go back up. You leave the area. You go keep playing for long enough to think that he might respawn (let’s assume at least 30 minutes). So you head back to Iwa and drop down. Nothing happens. And no exit available.

He also needs a respawn moonstone/eridium switch like most of these types of bosses.


(Cobra951) #106

My question exactly, 28 days later. I can see all the hot fixes at the zendesk site, but no info on the big Oct 29 patch.

Edit: Answering my own question, and for whoever else wants to know, I found the patch notes here. I assume they’re copypasted correctly there (from whatever obscure spot they originated), but no guarantees.


( #107

So…what’re the odds that console players will get the difficulty slider that PC players have? You know, since the 4-player trick was patched and now it’s damn near impossible to spawn Vermi (not to mention the broken MP on the XB1).


(Maining Ms. Phaseswole) #108

There was a hot fix following the patch which heightened his spawn rate.


(Oliver Wicks) #109

The official patch notes for the Handsome Collection are linked to at the top of this page but are also stored here: Update / Hot Fix Information -- PlayStation 4 (Updated 1/25/16) :smile:.


(Jeffybug) #110

If you click the anchor link on the word “update” or scroll down past the list of hot fixes, you should see the update notes on the Zendesk pages.

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(Where's lucky?) #111

That is third party software, not a part of the game and since that would break TOS on consoles I would say it’s not likely.


(Matrixneo42) #112

multiplayer on xbox 1 has improved. I still think there are glitches to work out though.


(Cobra951) #113

Oh, duh! Too much scrolling. I had zipped past the 10/29 update text into the permanent hotfixes. More careful scrolling down fixed that. Thanks!

Edit: So the FOV adjustment is new with this update. Looks like I got the collection at just the right time, then. (Black Friday deal on XBL.) The 90-degree setting is such a huge enhancement that I can’t stand to play the original narrow view on the 360 version anymore.


(rasmusnn) #114

I cannot connect to 99% of the matches I can find. It says my connection failed even though it’s fine. Also the matches keep disappearing and reappearing. I guess I should have googled ‘Handsome collection issues’ before buying it lmao