Big youtuber claims there's nothing going on in Borderlands at the moment!

Lat night I noticed one of the more prominent YouTube content creators had made a video where they reminisced over events in ‘real life’ because (as they put it) there was nothing going on much in Borderlands at the moment.
I understand what they mean, with all the issues with content and quality of loot drops, freezing and other issues it does feel like a bit of a slog at the moment!:unamused:


well, it feels like farming is just pure waste of time at this point
the drop rates are broken and about to get fixed and we dont know if the level is going to be increased again^^


I totally agree. I love B3 and farming is part of what makes it so addictive but there is a point, like now when it goes from being fun to just being a slog and waste of time


The youtuber u talk about is foxxy am i right. miss spelling totally on purpose

Yeah the lack of things that give me a drive and motivation in endgame is really a problem i guess this will better with the new DLC and takedown but just for a short time.
I really can recommend this vid down below.

This vid is really helpful and shows of some mechanics most people don’t know about.

Its time to release secret bosses GBX give us Vermi back!

why would you care about some youtuber my guy?


what tthe heeeellll? XD
explooiiit tiiiiiiimmmme

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Seems you like what you see my friend :smiley:

I think you missed my point. It’s the fact that even the Youtubers that rely on creating content can’t muster the energy to show anything. It’s a reflection of how the game feels for a lot of people in end game. I love the game but it’s getting harder to motivate myself to find something to do!


probably after every single loot event


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You mean something cool to do since we know it all already.

There is really a problem with the rewarding system in a way that countless hours of grinding will not even lead to the desired outcome this paired with the fact that every content now is well known.

We really need the ability to save build configurations or be able to reallocate skill points ‘on the fly’ without the need to respec every time. This would make experimentation with character builds so much easier. Ubisoft may not have got everything right with The Division 2 but there are certain things such as the ability to create and save multiple gear configurations and inventory management that GBX could learn from!

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Actually i posted this idea on the forums already since long time you can look it up in my history.
You could just swap your load out and skill trees on the new you station for the cost of money or eridium.

Well i thought BL3 would be a step forward into such directions also i imagined a crafting / workbench system for BL3 after I was done playing BL2 after its release but it didn’t happen.
This would make farming less of a chore since you farm one specific weapon in order to get the weapon parts you want and the specific anoint you need for your VH. This for the cost of eridium or gold again.

There is quite a lot of ideas bubblin in this forum actually and gearbox would have done great to adept on those to make the best borderlands experience possible but maybe in future they will learn.

If not i think there will be more promising looter shooters in the future.

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people who ask for endgame are same people who have no idea what they want. there is no endgame there has never been an endgame in bl2 as people make it out to be. what you gonna do laod the game go kill hyperious pray to god vermi sapwns farm crawmerax? terrra? all of bl2 raids were boringass fights with unavoidable novas and generally dumb mechanics like master gee. And peak? not that many people touch the peak after they get the op8 status.

game is mostly about leveling your characters playing differently and mobbing this is what derch understood early. if you do not like playing the game no amount of raids will change it. content creator or not. in borderlands you make your own fun not game. we know dlc 3 is coming dlc 4 is coming the takedowns in between. how much content does one really need? game is full of glorious looking maps and varied enemy forces from goons to cov to wildlife to maliwan to hyperion to cartel and other seasonal stuff all the time.

there is plenty to do in game the fact is people deep inside do not enjoy playing at this state.

if someones end goal is using 20 odd best items in game and running the raids of course they will have nothing to do ever no matter how many maps and enemies game offers. hell just edit in the guns u want with annoints u want go mindleslly obliterate hardest content in game and then ask youself why is there nothing to do.

if you went and full cleaned a map or two you’d notice 3 4 hours flying past just cleaning up the maps mobing and bossing. to me that is borderlands. leveling up characters and experiencing them differently is borderlands. picking up guns from the ground and changing them every other level is borderlands altering my build according to the items i found to make the most of it is borderlands. sitting at whatever highest mayhem is and obliterating it is very small part of my borderlnds experience and frankly just as uninteresting as borderlands 2 op8 was. so whatever these many people feel regarding the amount of things they can do in game, they will always feel like it. borderlands longevity solely relays on replay value not endgame and the reason bl2 lived so long was because people would playthrough again and again and again. not because some people farmed voracidous and dexi every day.

if that sad youtuber’s content revolves around explaining where new guns drop and shooting up a map fro 2 minutes there will never be enough content to create for them. ever.


Your best post to date :+1:


my every post is the best post i am just too angry to articulate :d

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OK then, your most articulate post to date haha

I agree with some of your comments (and don’t understand some!). There is an end game and that can be many things to different people. Personally I think it’s about developing your character, as you say, trying new configs and farming for better weapons. Unfortunately the system we currently have for speccing/respeccing characters doesn’t make character development and experimentation easy and the level cap increase negates the desire to farm hard for the perfect weapon etc.
What I would like to see, as I said earlier, is improvements to character changes and resource management including the ability to upgrade weapons and mods. Ubisoft dd this with the division 2 and it worked really well and it’s something that I’d like to see GBX implement with B3

bl3 will never have this, if you want to buy pass it you use editors and experience the game if you like it that way. gearbox is pretty adamant about having you looking at the loot and not giving you “the 100% perfect thing you want” which is what some people want and i get it might be frustrating but that has noting to do with how “there is nothing to do in game” statement now does it?

i’d like to change metric ton of things as well, we all have out vision of what game should be or could be and what would make it better and i see where you are coming from but that is not what we were discussing. game does precisely that which you describe

Blockquote personally I think it’s about developing your character, as you say, trying new configs and farming for better weapons. Unfortunately the system we currently have for speccing/respeccing characters doesn’t make character development and experimentation easy .

is not that the whole thing about bl3? always looking? because once you actually get your character where you ideally want it to be. what do you do then? in the process of achieving this you farmed so much you fought so hard and done so much content that you have been playing the game to death and all of a sudden you find yourself in a place where–> that’s right you have nothing to do. you character is now shining perfect and all mighty and everything you can kill in this game you have already done with lesser power, which leaves some people for asking for more mayhem.

as to level increases this is the best thing to exist in bl3 game which makes you break away from your setup for a little while and then you can reunite with it but stronger than ever. more skill points means more ways to play and refarming the gear is one thing i have never found problematic because unlike some i don chase it, i let it come to me while just playing and enjoying the game. i do not need to seek bonus cryo 300% or 150% rad guns like a mad man. i can do with 70% crit or 130% swap or not even that and just play in the range where it works. sadly with annointments gbx steamed away from importance of characters and their skills but that is whole other debate and one of the biggest things i despise about this game.

i do agree col might be far better than we have now especially about respecing but upgrading weapons and mods… it is just not borderlands.


I’m bookmarking this. You’ve explained it perfectly.

I miss that we don’t have a Derch or Demonite among the current crop of content creators. No way to balance out all the meta chasing. There’s nothing wrong with tailoring content to a hardcore playerbase, but that playerbase tends to engage with very little of the content the game has to offer. Shooting down hordes of enemies is what this series was built off of. Raids were a nice addition, but they don’t define Borderlands in any way.