Big youtuber claims there's nothing going on in Borderlands at the moment!

What is it with the YT/streamer hate? Not just with this game but all games. I don’t get why some people feel the need to lash out at people that make videos or stream about games that they actually play for no apparent reason other than they are content creators?

Nobody said you have to agree with them and I don’t think anyone has ever said that a streamer’s opinion is more valuable but it is a very telling data point when a person starts making negative comments or stops playing a game that their livelihood literally depends on. They have a vested interest in people playing said game and watching their content so if they stop playing or start commenting about the bad direction of a game they need for revenue…I think that is worth paying attention to.

As a case in point I was watching Joltzdude stream today and he’s playing BL1 because he said BL3 is too broken right now so he’s waiting for the first phase of the “fixes” to come. Seems like something worthy of at least taking note of if you are GB that your BL3 content creators would go back to a 10 year old iteration of the franchise rather than play your latest, broken iteration.


Personally I didn’t think the original comment was worthy of a response but yours was both articulate and true so thanks!
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You are probably right that it was more of a throw away comment but I wasn’t so much responding to him as much as responding to a lot of posters that make these sideways remarks about streamers and Youtubers. This happens a lot in PUBG as well.

There are a few content creators that I really like because they do what they do with an obvious passion. There are others that just churn out any old content as quickly as they can and its probably these that give content creators a bad name.

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There was no hate towards you tubers here, just mockery of the human psychological urges to put importance on someone’s opinion just because they are well known/relatively famous.

Apologies I didn’t make that clearer.


while that is true let’s be honest big tubers are usually way less knowledgeable about game then you would like to. there was ton of misinformation at the opening days of bl3 because of those big tubers while smaller channels like fila zkarma have real true info. out of all the big names we have only joltz knows game in deepth. so big youtuber does not mean jack twice, once him being big does not mean anything and secondly they are often times super wrong.


I was also watching Joltz and he actually just said that there’s not enough to do in BL3 right now. Not that it was broken.

But anyway, not the point. I think some of the animosity towards statements about YT/Streamers is that some fanboys drink a little too much of the koolaide sometimes. People spout off about “this youtuber said this so it’s the word of god” without actually doing any research about what’s really going on. Leaves a bad taste in our mouths. And of course there are the YT/streamers who just crank out content without any understanding of the games. Those types only care about making a buck and will say whatever gets them more views. Those guys also leave a bad taste in the proverbial mouth.

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What we are seeing more and more now is people posting people YT videos here pretty much ‘preaching to the choir’.

Posting those things on the forums is going to the source with 3rd party material who more than likely got the information from here to begin with. If you are on these forums you are more than likely going to know the information days or even weeks before a video is made.

It would be a lot different if the content creators were beta testers and explain things before they happen. Instead the forums usually will tell first and people will create content after to reach a broader audience.

This is not the case 100% of the time, but is more likely 99% of the time.

The 1%: Some of the people who post and figure out things here are content creators and a minority at that, and pretty much posted their information here 1st, made a video then someone posts that same video here,… lol

I’m not against streamers or what they call themselves “content creator”, what does that even mean? You stream a game and talk about it. Where is the creation part? What content is being created?


if you’re not leveling any character… playing this game ATM is just a waste of time…


Loot the universe along with mayhem 2.0 drops polluted lootpools and introduced so many bugs that it Really didnt give the Cartel event the Love it deserved. Also the cartel weapons will soon be useless and re unobtainable… Thats horrible.

We needed a fishslap grenade in the game. The pewpew shoots like the cov weapon i always wanted.

Finally we have useful and powerful not Niche Atlas weapon the OPQ… And its all gone soon…

The cartel events soo good and fun and with a cool place and its just gonna dissappear? What a waste!

Reveng of the Cartels will be back at some point. We’re not even close to actual end game yet. There will be new meta with the upcoming Takedown and DLC plus whatever other seasonal events they have lined up. There’s plenty left to enjoy in the pipeline for us.

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I wouldn’t call it streamer hate.
Outside of a very distinct few, streamers in general are pretty arrogant and think themselves a bit too important.
Some are good sources of information, but most simply regurgitate what others have already been saying anyway.

For the most part I ignore most of them as background noise. Calling them “Content Creators” is a definite stretch.

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I don’t know why that’s a stretch. That is literally what they do by definition. That doesn’t mean it’s good content or content that you like but it’s not a stretch that they are literally creating content by making videos and streaming.


Agreed. The better ones put out build guides and weapon reviews and whatnot. I’d call that content. Whether it’s your cup of yorkshire tea or not is personal preference.


Beeing in my early fifties I can still remember people who would terrorize visitors with slideshows (not refering to PowerPoint here, it´s those tiny framed fotos that become really large when light passes them through) of their last vacation for hours.
Most “content creators” remind me of those. So calling it a “stretch” seems more than fair to me. Why not call them “Filler-” or “Background Noise-” Creators, to make a distinction?


I had a teacher in high school who did that for one of the electives he taught. The alternative was phys ed, so he always had some students in his class. Major snoze fest.

Personally, I always think of ‘Content Creator’ as having an assumed ‘novel’ in front of it. So streamers/YouTubers who do original stuff I would definitely classify as Content Creators. Not every game streamer/tuber has a high % of original/novel content though, and some of them are outright plagiarists. :man_shrugging: I just skip all the boring/annoying/irritating ones.

And - again on a personal level - not really a fan of putting too much importance on what YouTubers/Streamers say. Most of the game-related stuff is information we already know and have been discussing here on the forums anyway. The only real exceptions would be gameplay previews.


Using technology to show yourself playing a video game to me is not creating content. The content they are using is already created by others.
This is all IMHO.
Maybe I am just a bit old fashioned in this regard but in my mind they are displaying and showing others creations.

Yep LoL. But most of the time they were pictures they actually took themselves so I would say they did create the content. The quality of the pics, well…

Again, that’s your opinion and that’s fine. When someone creates a build video with particular gear and/or skill interactions that I had not thought of it might be that I don’t even have that gear so it’s something I couldn’t have ever tried or something I might not have ever thought of. I would call that BL3 specific information which IMO is content.

I’ll use another example like PUBG which is more skill based game than BL3. When I watch a popular PUBG streamer like chocoTaco…yes I’m watching him do something that everyone else does (including me) but he’s doing it in a way that most people can’t because he is so highly skilled at the game. I can’t watch just anyone playing PUBG and see the same thing and I can’t play PUBG like he can so that is indeed content that isn’t being replicated easily by most people.

I know a lot of people think watching others play games (at a base level) is stupid or pointless and I get it but that doesn’t nullify the fact that it is content. Thousands of people watch these streamers and videos which sort of proves that.