Big youtuber claims there's nothing going on in Borderlands at the moment!

yeah it is almost mind blowing how quickly some people got used to greandes should not do any damage they are just a slot ro proc annointment.

while actually gbx has made pretty deep grenade hierarchy and very fun combinations of rolls that effect way certain nade behaves which is all rendered useless by the fact that they can not even tackle the enemy. apparently some people find it very joyful when they use both shield and nade for gun dmg not for defensive and nade killing or cc purposes. it hurts deep inside watching bajilion stormfronts on the enemy but all those ticks are only useful for procing certaing skills an annoints :d

there is a good amount of depth in game which becomes completely irrelevant due to the scaling curve and anointed bonus design choices.


In BL3 you can see it is an attempt to make more endgame content. This is prevalent with the Mayhem Levels that were added as well as “Takedown”(s), Trials, and Slaughters. BL2 tried it with OP, broken raid bosses and everyone in Multiplayer usually glitches in some way just to kill it, (hello BL1 Crawermax which I love they made fun of in BL2 DLC) and one of the most under-appreciated endgame content I will reference back to BL1, and that is the Underdome. The Underdome to me was an excellent concept, it literally had Mayhem Modifiers roll each round, albeit because of the non-variety of arenas, enemies, and crappy loot for the amount of time spent was a huge downside along with no enemy scaling which made it more of a bore chore than anything unless going for achievements. Rolling those random modifiers with a toggle to add “mayhem” in a slaughter and actually rewarding players for sticking though it would bring nice variety. Alternate between Moxxi and Torgue in different arenas. Maybe I am wrong, but I get tired of the same Torgue lines for every slaughter.

BL3 did take step backwards in areas as well as progress in others. Step backwards was at first not realizing that some people just prefer to play the game solo which props to them for adjusting. The multiplayer “matchmaking” is one of the worst systems implemented and have no idea how such a lackluster system to join a game passed. It is 100% just a quick session button with 2x game modes 4x selections of play and 11x selections of “Mayhem” (including 0) Who wants that many ‘quick session’ buttons? Let us pick a server (singing voice)“like it is 1999…”

Optimization I know a lot of people can complain, but it really does seem like this game will perform much better on next-gen console, and without GBX admitting it, I believe that is what they intended and a lot of performance issues will be fixed with it. (look at the diff in quality between Xbox/Ps4 vs high end PC.

As for what was done right: Ways to scale your difficulty. Mayhem/Takedown (although scaling everything to four people would be the best challenge for solo players, story, trials, doesn’t matter) Sound and Music are top notch in this game. Graphics, needs to tone down on visual cluster, but the game itself is beautiful. The Story,… I love some parts and literally hate some parts. The bosses: my favorite for mechanics will have to be Wotan. He makes a great raid boss without being complete cheese and people don’t hide in a glitch corner of map to fight him. He has mini bosses on the way there. Overall one of the better concepts out of BL3. Concept of Trials is awesome, but as stated earlier, scaling them to 4 players would be excellent endgame as well as Slaughters.

In all, do we look to create our own endgame to make it fun? Yes.
However, GBX has been trying since BL1 to add repeatability and in some aspects did good and it seems after 11 years are still learning and trying to adapt. We can only wait and see and suggest as we always do, and in this case beta-test for them and hopefully get something awesome as an end result that will keep us playing on Next-Gen systems.

TLDR: Just skip my post lol


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Let me second these two comments.

I saw a big youtuber who said the earth was flat.
Good job their opinion is of no greater importance than anyone else’s lol

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Well said indeed. :+1:

Truth, every once in a while I got to Negul Neshai and walk slowly up the mountain because of the music.


Oh snap. So the launchpad rockets count as melee and slide damage. This could be used in so many ways … I’m assuming the rocket boots do the same. I can see this being fun with Zane as well. Icebreaker Launchpad with the Frozen Snowshoe. Hell, any VH could make use of this combo. Also makes the Redline shield more viable potentially. Don’t even necessarily need that bonus amp anoint either. Nice find.

this has been known since october tho like who says this is new :d we have been abusing launchpad catpurse for rocket launchers a month since launch. by we i mean community i have never been a fan of ammo steal and never used it.

Right. I’ve know about the cutpurse interaction. In fact I use it a lot with my Zane. What I didn’t know is that the launchpad also counts as slide damage for the snowshoe and redline activation. I’m wondering if rocket boots do the same or not. Would rather slide than slam.

Same actually i already knew about the cutpurse interaction tho didnt knew that launchpad rockets count as melee / sliding dmg. This is new to me and really some great knowledge.

Well therefor you have to try it out i guess.

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There is a bunch of stuff coming soon for Borderlands 3: two patches, a Takedown, and a new DLC. This is the calm before the storm.

I believe they’re busy with the Borderlands Legendary Collection for the Switch at the moment. That is most certainly something for Switch fans!

Lmao i love that this is too true.

I saw on my yt feed some takes of a vault hunter and he was gonna talk about irl im guessing? Didnt watch it cuz i just care about the fun variety of ways i can kill stuff. There isnt alot.of stuff to kill.

I think mayhem shoulda been locked behind the challenege mountain.

I enjoyed raiding with just my wife or even alone against all the hardest stuff bl2 had to offer. I dont find this games.mayhem 10 a challenge anywhere. I enjoyed the increased spawns more badasses. Harder challenge of op levels and well barriers to get there.

Ppl can say whatever they want about drops. They dropped they had a rng about them but the items dropped. Except scumming quest items.

Difference between mayhem 1.0 and 2.0 is i still found it fun and my quest items id play with in m4 with my wife. The appeal and immersions gone for me tbh.

I hope they bring back.the seraph systems, shops.
A slaughter for each dlc. A raid boss a serious one for each dlc. I liked when hyperious came out n i.levit solod him with craptastic axton before i learned ways to insta explode him n ask mynwife to ffyl destroy him with maya and or i would tediore spam em. Etc

The parts game is sorta there but hidden away behind the anoint system. U can even appreciate the gun by itself like u used to.

I was hoping this to build on everytbing bl2 did right.

Not throw it away and try something else. Game doesnt scratch my borderlands itch.

Fixed that for you buddy. They sure as hell are about to release the next wave of bugs and glitches with the new content.


What is it with the YT/streamer hate? Not just with this game but all games. I don’t get why some people feel the need to lash out at people that make videos or stream about games that they actually play for no apparent reason other than they are content creators?

Nobody said you have to agree with them and I don’t think anyone has ever said that a streamer’s opinion is more valuable but it is a very telling data point when a person starts making negative comments or stops playing a game that their livelihood literally depends on. They have a vested interest in people playing said game and watching their content so if they stop playing or start commenting about the bad direction of a game they need for revenue…I think that is worth paying attention to.

As a case in point I was watching Joltzdude stream today and he’s playing BL1 because he said BL3 is too broken right now so he’s waiting for the first phase of the “fixes” to come. Seems like something worthy of at least taking note of if you are GB that your BL3 content creators would go back to a 10 year old iteration of the franchise rather than play your latest, broken iteration.


Personally I didn’t think the original comment was worthy of a response but yours was both articulate and true so thanks!
:joy: :smiley: :+1:

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You are probably right that it was more of a throw away comment but I wasn’t so much responding to him as much as responding to a lot of posters that make these sideways remarks about streamers and Youtubers. This happens a lot in PUBG as well.

There are a few content creators that I really like because they do what they do with an obvious passion. There are others that just churn out any old content as quickly as they can and its probably these that give content creators a bad name.

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There was no hate towards you tubers here, just mockery of the human psychological urges to put importance on someone’s opinion just because they are well known/relatively famous.

Apologies I didn’t make that clearer.