Billy the Anointed Boss Fight Bugged - and too difficult

With Killavolt being a side quest, I think Billy is the toughest and most frustrating “required” boss in the game (he’s harder than any boss that comes after him IMO). Despite the crappy mechanics and such, it appears the FFYL “fodder” is no longer spawning after you die. I can get him down to 25% health and there are no support spawns for FFYL revival - but I can never kill him (died ~10 times as L26 Amara). Perhaps I’m not drawing the fight out long enough, but this is an issue - the theater is completely empty during the whole fight - but the first time I fought him, there were plenty of support mobs. Now, none spawn. So I think it is a bug. I’ll try restarting the game to see if that makes a difference, but respawning isn’t fixing it. Also, he can spawn camp you - so the second you respawn he attacks.

This fight is simply horrible; way too difficult for its place in the game. My L26 Amara is sporting all purples (L24-25) and does fine in all content - and has done all side quests as I progress. I’m sure the fight would be easier if I was 27-28, but Billy is 26 and the fight is just absurd in the damage that he does with every attack. The fight isn’t a challenge at all IMO it’s just a drawn-out experience of dodging and frustration.

CONFIRMED BUG. I restarted the game and the fodder spawn was back in the theater. Needs to be fixed!

I’ve managed to take him down in mayhem level 3 with Amara. You have to use strategy and move and shoot and jump as much as possible. He is hard to take down but is able to be killed with out going back into ffyl with no enemies to revive you. You may need to respec or get better gear.

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Billy’s ability to not only teleport through walls and thunder clap through walls is stupid. Fighting this guy solo is a nightmare. They should make it that he cannot do that.

Yah that’s why I put this under Technical Bugs because I think his behavior and the lack of spawning “fodder” if you go into FFYL is a design problem and possibly a bug. Also his teleporting and getting stuck in walls is an issue, too; when that happens, you can’t see the slap animation tell for the wave of death.

Just because you have difficulty with a certain boss doesn’t necessarily mean that enemy/boss is bugged. Annoying, yes… Bugged? Most likely not.

Billy warps into and through walls (so you can’t shoot him) and the bandits stop spawning. I’d say those are bugs.

This is what I thought the OP was going to be about. I had to restart a few times to get billy out of walls, and yes the mooks are supposed to keep spawning at regular intervals so possibly that too

The enemies stop spawning after a certain point. Billy can go into the other room where you spawn and it makes sense that his powerful blast goes through walls. I’ve just never had too much of a problem with killing him. Have I died? Yes… Is he impossible? No. But if it is a concern you should submit a support ticket to gearbox.

Ive seen even vetarans getting downed to billy , its just an awkward fight.Apart from the usual fixes that can be done I suggest running and trying to dodge while Billy dances around you playing this particular song

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seems like there is a certain amount of luck with this fight. Because he can teleport anywhere it changes a lot of tactics so its much harder to plan for everything .

He’ll follow you into the much larger room two doors away, so do that so you have a lot more room to maneuver and a lot more things to second wind off of.

Billy actually has less room to maneuver since the halls are cramped for him. (hint: the stairs)

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that room was thoroughly dead on my play through but I did make good use of the short ceilings in the stairs

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Have a look around the net it’s not just us having difficulty before educate yourself about the issue just because you didnt have a problem doesnt mean it’s not bugged or just horribly designed.

Yeah I figured that out after getting my ass handed to me too many times makes the fight pretty easy really because he cant hit you with anything there. Bad design imho.

Well, I’ve faced him probably a dozen times already and never came away saying he’s bugged. There is such thing as civility in this world still. The only thing I was pointing out is that just because you can’t beat him, doesn’t mean he’s bugged. However, if you feel he is bugged, submit a ticket to gearbox. There’s no need to try to chastise someone because they don’t agree with you, especially for a video game.

Your reply came off like another git gud remark anyone can run up the stairs and pot shot the guy but a stand up fight face to face. I’d imagine very few people able to fight him in the theatre. I apologize for coming off hostile but if you were to listen to alot of others comments this boss mechanics suck. We all dont play overpowered characters like moze and flak. And I’m not stuck on him I beat him but like most players especially solo pot shotting him from safety .

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Well, I’ve been playing borderlands since it first came out… Put over 2000 hours in bl2… I’ve gone face to face with Billy in mayhem 3 and killed him. I died alot, but eventually learned how to anticipate his attacks and movements. I’ve beaten him with Fl4k and Amara, too. No pot shots either. I’ve read everything in this thread and just offering my thoughts on it. I will say that I play on PC so I have better control compared to a console player and you do need to be geared up properly to fight him. In mayhem mode, you can get favorable nerfs and buffs that make it easier to kill him.

My bad I’ve also put my time in on at over 1500 hrs across all games I’m a vet two max level charactors in 1 3 in various op levels in 2 one max level in tps so 8m no noob. I dont mean to chastise a fellow vh but this game has major balance issues not to mention countless other problems. And I’m really not an outlier here many many people are frustrated. Oh and I also never play multiplayer these games are harder solo always have been.

I can solo digistruct easier than play bits of this game and its only true vault hunter mode

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Mayhem level 3 is a griiind. Reminds me of digistruct peak for sure. Maybe I’ve just been lucky to not have him glitch. I’m playing as Zane now so we’ll see how it goes when I get to him this weekend.