Billy the anointed boss

Me and my friend took 95% of the anointed boss’s health and then the game bugged and the boss disappeared. We wasted so much time and money. Thanks a lot. Fix this game.

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Is this the one in the Jail? Make sure you land on a rooftop from jumping of the logride. Shoot with any gun until dead (I chose a sniper). Old mate billy can’t get up to the tall roofs. Just swerve to avoid his slow moving ranged attacks.

Nah he is on about the one in the jakobs estate and Aaronptak93 im struggling as well he is genuinely the worst boss ive come up against in not just in borderlands but in games in general, he isnt fun hard he is just generally broken in terms of his attacks and the damn teleporting as well. He really needs to be nerfed to make it a bit easier for everyone to beat this guy and also fix his teleporting as well as it is broken as hell


He’s not that bad, his attacks are telegraphed and avoidable, as is his teleport. Going back to the cellar for a side mission, running passed him and having him teleport after you, now that’s just silly.


The one in the theater? I just ran around in circles lol. I have gun damage buffs for Zane when I move so I tend to do that with a few bosses. You will still get hit, but if you have a good enough shield, it should recharge before it runs out.

It gives good loot though.

I am using fl4k, and getting hit twice with a shield at around 850 capacity, and within 2 hits my shield is gone and he pretty much one shots my spiderant which is maxed out, I have a crit build but for some reason I cannot jump his attacks even though I clearly have enough room to jump over them its an absolute joke


Stay on the stage. As FL4K I beat him no problem there.

Your best bet is to constantly LOS his attacks, and pour headshots into him once his attack ends. If I recall, he also does that ‘flare’ thing where he radiates fire - get into cover and don’t bother attacking, he is entirely invulnerable in this state.

I was playing Moze, and it took me a while to beat this guy. I walked back as far back as the Archives to keep avoiding his attacks. At one point, he did kill me, but when I respawned, he got glitched in the doorway to the Archive, where he just stood still until I killed him.

Yes it was the guy in Jakobs estate for anyone wondering. We did end up beating him the second time without him disappearing. At one point I respawned and he came right to me and attacked me solo. Like i said in my original post, my main problem was a bug in the game that caused him to go away right at the end of the fight. Had to fast travel with the crew and come back just to make him reappear. Thanks for your help everyone.

I tried to stay on the stage. He teleports on top of me and kills me instantly.

I run, strafing and shooting him, he teleports and kills me instantly.

I am playing as FL4K and he kills my pet in one hit.

I resurrect at the machine in the previous room and he’s standing on top of me and I am dead before I even get control of my character.

I don’t mind a challenging boss fight, and actually welcome them, even the Warden and his multiple incarnations. But teleporting through walls, spawn camping, and his attacks going through all walls and other obstacles is just a cheat in my opinion.


I first tried kiting him around the mansion - absolutely the wrong thing to do - and got mad because he could teleport and shoot through walls. After dying several times I took a break. Came back, changed my primary weapon to a Hyperion shotgun, and focused on learning how to jump over his attacks and shoot down the flaming skulls. Died another couple of times but then finished him off. Felt great!

I have no doubt that he’ll become a relatively easy boss for me. I remember the first time I encountered the Destroyer in BL1 - and was so frustrated after dying a number of times, running out of ammo and moving all over the place to dodge his attacks and recover from them. Now I just walk in and stand there face-tanking him with no fear of dying.

Point is, while he seems hard now, I know “getting good” will do like every other boss I’ve fought in Borderlands and other games and make Anointed Billy just another notch on my belt. I don’t have a problem with his difficulty now.

That said, I DO have a problem with not being able to get through an encounter because something in the game gets stuck, and he did that 3 times for me. Changed into this glowing thing and stayed in one spot, wasn’t attack-able. I had to log out and start the encounter over again each time. THAT needs to be fixed.

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After dying to him twice the third time I shot him from outside the theater room and he glitched - just started moving back and forth while I kept shooting him.

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Hey so I just fought Billy myself as Zane Lv27. I died countless times fighting him in the cramped theater with him teleporting all around. There is however a way to cheese his AI if you go into the room right before you get to the corridor with the spawn point with all the enemies that spawn. If you go up the right staircase from spawn after agroing him you can sit in this little alcove area and he’ll only be able to teleport either in the middle of the room on the landing you through to get to the alcove or down the stairs on the other side of the alcove. That’s where and how I killed him. His attacks sucked he teleported so frequently that I only ever got a shot or two off on him before he’d teleport again. He would teleport do his area attack which goes through walls and other solid matter and then immediately throw his skulls out which just merced me (you can shoot the skulls btw) It seems like in my game he was more hyper-aggressive then some of the others on this thread. But yea the alcove is a great place to fight him up all the stairs in the room right before you get to the spawning chamber outside the theatre.

Something similar happened fighting one of Hammerlocks bounties. We did about 90% damage and then he decided to not obey the laws of gravity and went flying sky high. About a minute later we got credit for the kill, but no loot.

Also… MAKE SURE YOU BREAK HIS BODY BEFORE YOU KILL ALL THE ENEMIES. I WAITED after defeating him until I killed all the enemies to BREAK HIS ERIDIUM STATUE AND IT DISAPPEARED LEAVING ME NO LOOT. I self died and restarted to see if it would reappear and still nothing. Lesson learned. All that time for nothing as a reward. Smh.

I used one of those guns with the bullet tracking ability haha. I just ran my ass off in circles around that whole damn theater xD

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Same here, I have gone at him a 3 different times die 10 times in each go, watch the youtube videos
still no luck. I get him down to 5% of his health and run out of ammo. Lost most of my credits so
not much point in playing BL3 at this point. He even follow me out to FT point when I FT out of main battle room now He or it is outside of the house at the FT point. out every time I FT back to this map. Back to WOT and BL2. Done with this game.

I had a similar bug with the Maliwan slaughter area. I was on the last wave of like round 2, killed everything and the wave didn’t finish. Ran around and discovered an enemy glitched into a wall. Couldn’t kill him or get him to come out. Was forced to restart when I basically already completed the round.

Stuff like that is massive BS. But at the same time I’m not going to flip my ■■■■ because bugs happen. Just restart and do it again, sucks but nothing else you can do.

I had to cheese it in TVHM because two annointed mobs spawned!!! It was impossible!!

Cheesed it to progress but it has been the only thing I struggled with