Billy the Anointed drop rate re: Raging Bear?

I been attempting to farm Billy the Anointed to get a Raging Bear MOD but he seems to never drop any legendary at all let alone the MOD I’m looking for not to mention one with good rolls. I’m playing on M4 TVHM. I never farmed this so I’m wondering if this boss is always like this or I’m just really unlucky per usual?

When I last farmed him I got one probably every hour or 2. Sometimes much longer, sometimes 2 in an hour. It’s very rare to get a good roll.


The rates are better now but prior to the Farm Frenzy event, it was worst. You are better off trading if you want to get some decent stats.

You should be able to get 1 in an hour of farming though. Last time I was able to get 2 in 30 mins.

Edit: But it’s still all RNG though

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Dude… when the mod first came out I farmwd Billy upward of 80+ times and never got it… two days ago I killed him twice in a row and each time got one. I have to assume the drop rates are better now.

Let me check if I have any in my bank and I’ll send you one . Assuming you are on ps4


Same here. I was able to get 6 Raging Bears in 50 kills a few days ago. It’s still painful to get one with good passives.

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I have killed him probably 50 times and I did get 1 out of all those kills. Kind of disappointing. The rolls weren’t the worst but not ideal. I think I did get +weapon dmg which I like but the other 2 were not great. I also got 3 to SSB and 2 Deadlines which I think is probably the best roll for an IB type build but not sure.

After getting it I continued to farm him for about 20 kills hoping I would maybe get a better one but still haven’t. Might just give up. I hate that boss…warping all over the place including through the walls into other rooms. So annoying…just like all anointed enemies I guess.

p.s. I’m on PC but thanks for the offer regardless!

Use a fire element Lob if you have it. Takes about 10 seconds a kill or less

I wasn’t having any issues killing him even on M4. I either kill him in one IB session or if I need to jump out he only has a about 10-20% health and AB + Krakatoa finish him pretty fast! Just annoying when he warps through the wall and I can’t attack him and waste IB time.

Yeah I used to use IB too but then with fire Lob you kill him before he can warp even once