Binary Operator

For those of you using this to good effect, how are you doing that? I can’t tell what the hidden damage amount is, and can’t translate this to the amount of health bar I’m seeing in the scope. I understand that it’s “amost zero damage or full frag - nowhere in between”.

I intend to use this with Amara built for elemental damage, but loaded for one-shot sniping, mostly a Re-Router shield, whatever relic has good sniper modifiers, and probably a Phasezerker with The Eternal Fist, though I’m open to suggestions. I won’t say no to some Jabber Cola either. A MM10 version (with the 300% buff on healthy enemies) is working on MM4 chumps but not badasses, hitting for anywhere from 3M to 6M per shot, though Remnant is hitting insanely hard, so maybe I use this on the chumps nearest the badasses as triggers for Remnant? Maybe I take it to a lower Mayhem mode? Add a Piss grenade?

Directly from lootlemon

The operator either kills its target or deals next to no damage.
The operator only kills its target if the target’s current health is lower than the hidden damage value of the operator.

The hidden damage value can be increased by increasing your weapon damage.
The base hidden damage value for a M10 Operator is 400-500k.

As far as I’m aware, nothing else effects that hidden base damage. So this is way more effective on M0.

Yeah, I checked out LootLemon’s site (and MentalMars’ and the Wiki). Without damage numbers, it’s hard to tell how well it works even with empirical tests (which is also a personal preference). I like what an MM10 version does at M4, maybe M5. Without that anointment though, it might be lower, but I can’t tell (hence my call for anyone actively using this for some more data).

I also haven’t figured out if it’s better than other rifles for throwing overkill into Remnant… this is higher than I normally see.

You don’t, pretty much. The hidden damage cap is just too low to work on high Mayhem where most enemies have several million hitpoints.

So use it at lower Mayhem levels?

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