Birth date Easter egg, perhaps

On Skywell between the second Typhon log and the booster you have to shut off there’s a pipe along the ground with sectioned numbers reading 07/27/86. It could be a coincidence, but according to Wikipedia that’s the birthday of Felecia Angelle the voice actor for Ava.


Nice catch!

I was wondering if that date was meaningful! Nice!:grin:

Saw this date on the pipe a while ago myself and thought "it’s Borderland’s " ,“Got to do with something”.

I Gather this is the date you are talking about !

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Could be a few thing’s Like

    1. The Date ,One of the Dev team’s First Perm.
    1. The Date , A Dev last Got Sexual Relation’s.
    1. The Date , A Dev Last Seen the Sun.
    1. The Date , of a Dev’s Last Mushroom Trip. ( you know the one’s i’m talking about ).
    1. The Date , Date of Dev member’s first KFC meal.
    1. The Date , A Dev Member’s Last Zorba dance.
    1. The Date , A Dev Member had his/her last shave.
    1. The Date , A Dev Member actually bought his own lunch.
  • 9.The Code For some top notch Secret Squirrel Secret Bases.
    1. The Date , A Dev Member’s Google password.
    1. The Date , A Dev Member first time hearing the noise of his/her;s corduroy pant’s .Voott-Voott-Voott. 9AH the memories ).

Also found this Near Marcus on Sanctuary III .
Next Event !!

There is another Date in the laser firing section 02 03 1989, if that is also a developer birthday then that is probably the answer.