Bit blaster needs to be nerfed, same with code breaker

currently the bit blaster is 100% kill, and nothing can be done to dodge its fire. at least give us a way to deflect its shots or make the shots timeout.

with codebreaker, the problem is that whatever a wallhack is, it causes the player its used on to not be able to fire weapons, move erratically, and die even faster, or at least that’s what happened to me, over and over. that is an absurd weapon card.

oh btw, mind telling me why my own sentry killed me?

Bit Blaster homing effect only has a couple seconds duration. It does have timeout. It also moves slower than your walking. You literally just have to walk away and it does nothing.

For code breaker, that sounds like a big bug. Does that happen every time for you?

Bit blaster bit’s are also active after firing player’s death, easy to spam all around listen for the “hit” zap and keep spamming.

the code breaker yea, only faced 2 players so far that were using it but it happened with both.

I actually see the Bit Blaster in the opposite light – I find it a bit easy to fight against, but only if you have certain skills available. A well-placed mid-air Recall will allow you to pick on an opponent while kiting the Bit Blaster shots, then teleport away when they get close. Even if your Recall point is just a short distance away, because the shots will still be tracking, they’ll usually tag a bit of ceiling, wall, or floor.

Phase Reverse, on the other hand, can lead to instant-death if you reverse through a cloud of shots. They’ll all do a perfect 180, then slam into you when the skill resolves.

I really don’t care for the current form of the Bit Blaster, though. I wish the bullets had the old travel speed, but a very wide radius when turning to track players – a “softer” homing effect, if you will. I also think you should only be allowed a limited number of shots in play – perhaps 7 or so.

As an alternative to less accurate homing, I wish the bullets would accelerate. They’d start a little faster than they are now, with a tight turning radius. As their speed increased, their turning radius would decrease. After about 3-4 seconds, the bullets would be moving so fast, if they weren’t on a direct vector to a player, they would zip past them and hit environment.

The current form of the Bit Blaster sort of reminds me of the Zorg ZF-1 from The Fifth Element. Maybe it would be fun if it didn’t have homing shots initially, but if you hit a player five times with the gun, then the shots would start to track.

Or, perhaps the “replay button” only activates whenever you burn a charge on the skill card linked to the Bit Blaster, for a set amount of time, such as 30 seconds. That would encourage players to spawn the orb, not just to get back their charges, but the homing effect as well. The homing effect would have to be a lot better to incentivize that, I think.

I believe you about the Codebreaker, @heavyoak. I suspect that in laggy matches, a fully-activated Codebreaker can cause some shots and movement to be dropped. I had something like that happen to me a while ago, where I experienced a little bit of movement rewind when affected by the Codebreaker debuff. However, since few players I run into use Codebreaker, I haven’t had much opportunity to test it.

About the sentry turret! Are you saying that you got notified that your own sentry killed you? Or was it firing in your general direction when you were fragged because the sentry’s bullets do not friendly fire.

walking in front, it started firing, boom im dead.